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Mohammad Alhasan is fast becoming a star at Arizona

On the track, success for Mohammad Alhasan is measured in hundredths of a second and tenths of an inch. Victory and defeat comes in short bursts of speed and briefs moments of flight, with margins for error so slim one has no choice but to become familiar with failure. 1,646 more words


SOTD: No Lie, Noah Breakfast Remix

Ever since London, I have been obsessed with a NY based band named Wet.

I stumbled upon this remix of a song that has been on repeat the last few weeks. 16 more words


Vets v Politics: More of the AZ story.

Meet the Researcher Who Was Fired After Trying to Give Weed to Veterans | VICE News

I am a lifelong Republican, and I am very conservative. 129 more words

Vets v Politics: Vets lose again. But you can help.

Petition | University of Arizona: Dont Terminate Research — Reinstate Doc Sisley! | Change.org

I was ecstatic my school was going to house Dr. Sisley’s study and find out just how marijuana works to alleviate PTSD symptoms. 202 more words

The little victories

Marana’s interns share their summer experiences.

It’s the small things in life that count, they say. The little victories. We can’t all paint a grand fresco or make a billion bucks, but we proudly place our kids’ hand-drawn pictures on the fridge and help them build their lemonade stands. 641 more words


Om Shanti: A journey I will never forget

Sorry everyone, this post is exceptionally long. But when it’s about this subject, I just keep writing and writing and I can’t say enough. I even had to exclude a few parts in this post just because I didn’t want it to be come a ten page essay. 2,436 more words

Empire State of Mind Pt. III

Happy Sunday bloggers!

The fact that it is already mid July is INSANE. Where in the world has this summer gone and where in the world have Bee and Sea been? 374 more words