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The Return of the Spring: Comet Siding Spring

A comet scheduled to approach the planet Mars is capturing Earth’s attention.

Chances are that unless you have a “good telescope at least 6 inches wide and a very dark sky to find the comet”, you will unable to do so with the naked eye. 253 more words


Re: Manifest Destiny

Recently, my school newspaper – a paper that I once held pride in working for – ran a headline that insinuated that manifest destiny was: 1) a great period in US history that has no present-day implications; and, 2) is something a family of UA legacies is proud of because it led to their educational endeavors. 1,189 more words


Meet Wilbur at UA Food Day!

Do you have what it takes to be a true wildcat? For all of our student and faculty affiliates, Wilbur and Wilma have been dear symbols of our unique institution, bearing the pride of the University of Arizona. 65 more words

Athlete Spotlight: Bellevue water polo's Marco Stanchi

Bellevue water polo player Marco Stanchi just completed a tour with the U.S. Youth National Team in Istanbul, Turkey, but two years ago he was a rookie to the sport. 835 more words


An Arizona Fraternity That Allegedly Drugged Johnny Knoxville With Ecstasy Has Been Suspended

A fraternity at the University of Arizona (I hear that’s where all the smart pornstars transfer to if they do well enough at Arizona State) has been suspended by the university (“university”) for hazing allegations, the same fraternity that allegedly slipped Johnny Knoxville ecstasy during a screening of… 465 more words

Film Drunk

Plant Science Night

Whenever I meet someone new, the conversation always ends up at “So what major are you studying?” As I boldly claim Optical Science, most people give me a smirk and say “So you work with eyes and prescription glasses?” Almost all of the people I have met have never heard of what an Optical Science major is. 374 more words

CIAN Students

It's Okay If There's No Place Like Home!

Being a 3rd year college student, I can confidently say that the majority of us have felt homesick at least once during our college careers (unless you are completely sick of home). 458 more words

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