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It’s nice to kick back before work. Hopefully, it goes by fast because I have soooo much to do tonight. What tonight is going to consist of: 43 more words

University Of Arizona

Students criticize riots: 'Why would you celebrate your school by destroying it?'

College students have been especially riotous this past semester.

In recent weeks, students have taken to the streets and become unruly en masse at a number of well-known schools including Iowa State University, University of Arizona, University of Connecticut, University of Kentucky, University of Minnesota and Wake Forest University. 830 more words


Who Can Use Cord Blood?

Once cord blood and the stem cells contained within it are collected and banked, who can use it and for what purpose? Of course the child from which it was collected will always be a match and potentially could use it in transplant for certain types of cancer as well as for regenerative medicine applications. 203 more words

Dr David Harris

Dark Sky Week

It’s Earth Day – a great time to think about how we can be better stewards of the planet. But it’s not just Earth Day – this week is also¬†International Dark Sky Week. 196 more words



Today was a nice day spent Easter with the family. We got up and went to the 9 o’clock service. Then we had a nice lunch at my grandparents house before I left to Tucson. 165 more words

University Of Arizona

Researchers have created a new giant dual-laser that could control the weather

Zeus, God of the Sky, may be out of work, as scientists at the University of Central Florida believe they’ve developed a technique — which involves pointing a high powered laser at the sky — to induce clouds to drop rain and hurl thunderbolts. 277 more words


A day at Biosphere 2

Today is going to be a science post following an interesting day out. Brenda and I thought we’d take a trip to Biosphere 2, a scientific project, run by the University of Arizona, just a few miles up the road from us. 584 more words