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Cultural Tidbits

Not too much happening in the Desa…With the end of Ramadan came a break from school.

 We started school up on July 14th for a week…the first three days, nothing happened but we had classes the last three….including in those were the first time I had to teach…Peace Corps recommends that we use at least 2 weeks of observation to see the setting of our new schools and of course I lobbied for that countless times to see myself in front of class because no one truly understood the fact I wanted to purely observe and have no part in teaching. 478 more words


Meet Our Tutors: Craig McLean

Craig McLean

  • Tutors: All Mathematics & Chemistry
  • Major: Mathematics & Chemistry
  • Year: Junior
  • What has Craig been up to?
    • This summer, he was a part of the Summer Undergraduate Research in Geoscience and Engineering program (SURGE) at Stanford University.
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Arkansas researchers test new tools that destroy weed seeds

From Delta Farm Press

Most farmers are aware of the concept of “air seeding;” i.e, distributing wheat or rice or bermudagrass seed with an airplane or a spreader truck or even by hand. 594 more words


Meet Our Tutors: Brittany Bowden

Brittany Bowden

  • Tutors: Business Core and Upper Level Requirements
  • Major: Marketing
    • Minor: Economics
  • Year: Junior
  • What has Brittany been up to?
    • Brittany spent this summer in Fayetteville!
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Meet Our Tutors: Haley Birch

 Haley Birch 

  • Tutors: Chemistry and Biological Sciences
  • Major: Biochemistry
    • Minor: Mathematics and Biology
  • Year: Junior
  • What has Haley been up to?
    • As a freshman Haley studied abroad in Belize.
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Ready for School....Again?

Here we are, about three weeks away from Calvin returning to college to start his sophomore year. He is very “old hat” about it and knows his move in date. 158 more words


31 Days, 8 Hours, 15 Minutes

In exactly one month, I leave my home in Saint Louis to study abroad in Rome until December. In all honesty, the thought hasn’t quite sank in; its too good to be true.  450 more words