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Effects of East Anglian breast screening on climate change

A newly appreciated problem — climate change, for example — can spur people to consider all sorts of possible remedies. This study appears to have been done in that spirit:

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"Lary" "larry" "lauri" "la-ri-ssa"

Nossa, como é difícil as pessoas entenderem meu nome aqui! Rs.
A primeira semana foi difícil. Deu uma melhorada, uma piorada… por fim, alguns altos e baixos. 202 more words

University Of East Anglia

Talking from Norwich

Eu não queria ficar postando ’10 dias; 5 dias; 1 dia; é hoje’, porque por mais que não goste de demonstrar, eu estava com muito medo. 851 more words

University Of East Anglia

Out, Up, On

For the next four years, I am going to be living and studying at the University of East Anglia. Seeing as I’m doing English Literature with a Foundation Year, I figured it would be appropriate to title my blog with words that have a deeper meaning and a similar theme. 742 more words

Growing Up

A Very Popular Murder (Part One)

So, among all the other poignant, pointless and terrifying news stories that broke last week, it was announced in a Daily Mail ‘world exclusive’ that the hunt for the true identity of Jack the Ripper was over (again). 1,141 more words

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Cancelled trains, packed carriages and sky-high fares... but rail commuters are still happier than drivers

Did you drive into work today? If so, you’re likely to be more miserable than those who cycle or walk during their commute, new research suggests. 297 more words


Write Every Day


’Tis easy to write epigrams nicely, but to write a book is hard – Marcus Valerius Martial


If you aspire to write a novel, this is the best advice you will ever get.

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