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A Very Popular Murder (Part One)

So, among all the other poignant, pointless and terrifying news stories that broke last week, it was announced in a Daily Mail ‘world exclusive’ that the hunt for the true identity of Jack the Ripper was over (again). 1,141 more words

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Cancelled trains, packed carriages and sky-high fares... but rail commuters are still happier than drivers

Did you drive into work today? If so, you’re likely to be more miserable than those who cycle or walk during their commute, new research suggests. 297 more words


Write Every Day


’Tis easy to write epigrams nicely, but to write a book is hard – Marcus Valerius Martial


If you aspire to write a novel, this is the best advice you will ever get.

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T-Minus 7 Days: The Preparation and Thoughts Prior to a Year Abroad

Hey everyone! My name is Jillian Roth and I am currently a junior at Temple University, but I will be spending the academic year abroad at the University of East Anglia in Norwich, England. 647 more words

Course Approvals

A University Packing Guide

Your first year at university is just around the corner and I hope you’ll have (at least) thought about attempting to pack the last 18 years of your life into the back of your parents’ car, ready to start your new adventure. 397 more words

Session 1: Parallel Commons

The first session of the symposium was on the topic of parallel commons, concerning resource efficiency and security. Professor Bruce Lankford from the University of East Anglia introduced the notion of the ‘paracommons’ (discussed in… 520 more words

6 buildings celebrating 100 years of Denys Lasdun

1. Keeling House, Tower Hamlets, 1957-9

Denys Lasdun visited the United States in 1954, whose public housing inspired the cluster of narrow towers found here. This uses the same elegant proportions seen in the work of Berthold Lubetkin, one of the leading architects of the Modern Movement in 1930s Britain, who Lasdun worked with before and after the Second World War. 470 more words