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Through a glass (less) darkly

I made another visit to Emma at the Leeds Museums Discovery Centre to see how the glass from the University of Leeds collection is coming along. 396 more words

Cypriot Art

Old Post: Leeds Room-Hunting

Originally published 28 August 2013.


Today was a bit of a scary day. I went up to Leeds to “survey” the city and find a place to live for next year. 938 more words

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Old Post: Living in Leeds

Originally posted 2 October 2013.

When I came home from Uni yesterday, I was feeling particularly giddy; things are going quite well, and I am absolutely enjoying it. 1,063 more words

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Navigating the Gauntlet of US Immigration

As anybody lucky enough to go to the states knows, America is a beautiful land shielded from the rest of the world by the most bureaucratic processes ever devised by mankind. 477 more words

Dashew Centre

Atlantic depths may hold key to heat hiatus


By Tim Radford – Climate News Network

Researchers analysing millions of oceanographic measurements believe they may finally have got to the bottom of the conundrum about why there is a slowdown in global warming despite greenhouse gas emissions rising. 807 more words

'Tickling' your ear could be good for your heart

Public Release: 19-Aug-2014

Stimulating nerves in your ear could improve the health of your heart, researchers have discovered.

A team at the University of Leeds used a standard TENS machine like those designed to relieve labour pains to apply electrical pulses to the tragus, the small raised flap at the front of the ear immediately in front of the ear canal. 751 more words

Missed - Medical Breakthroughs

Osaka Summer School in Leeds

This week I was invited to attend the Osaka Summer School programme, hosted by the University of Leeds, England, a partner university with Osaka University, Japan. 454 more words