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U-Village. Рай для шопоголика

“Вот оно, мгновение счастья – когда пальцы обхватывают ручку блестящей, хрусткой сумки и все содержимое этой фирменной упаковки переходит в мое полное владение…”

Софи Кинселла “Тайный мир шопоголика”

"Точка интереса"

5 things that changed thanks to university!

- I can cook !!!!!!!!!!!!! (unbelievable)

- I’m used to budgeting my money and find it really easy.

- I’m even more independent and responsible. 26 more words

How to spend your last days at UEA!

Deadlines meant one thing: holidays! I’m back home in France for one month with no uni work to do whatsoever. I knew I would be sad to leave UEA and my friends but it feels so good to be home and relax after working so hard at uni. 228 more words

12 Days of Christmas Day 9: University Village

Hello, there. I must admit, University Village is one of the best places to stroll in Seattle. Though it’s not in the city, it is a wonderful outdoor-shopping-style place. 588 more words

The Regulars

Dinner from Delfino's Pizza, UVillage

Decided to try the deep dish pizza near my place in the University Village that got a 4.1 stars on Google reviews. It’s a little pricier than Patxi’s, that does the same thing, and I felt not as good. 119 more words