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(Not quite as) late night

Hello again readers, you’ve been hearing a lot from me today! Thursday is  my favorite day to blog because it’s the day I have the most time to myself. 152 more words

Back To School

How to spot a stressed student & Chocolate Coconut Cookies

With exams stalking current university students, everyone has different tactics of copeing with the stress and their attention levels. I realised the other day that there are certain things to look for that, I definetly know I do, and some other students do during exam time that otherwise don’t occur as frequently during semester. 595 more words


Critical Fanfiction

For my English class on adaptation, the professor assigned us to write our own fanfiction. It had to be critical of a work in a way that it fixed or criticized some perceived flaw. 1,059 more words


#pheebsgoes down memory lane

On the 30th September I finally achieved something I’ve been aiming for, for about 5 years. I boarded a plane SOLO to Australia!

I’d never wanted a gap year (GapYaaah) before University, believing that I’d have a lot more to offer after my 3 years away. 438 more words


I Can & I Will

As a business student who has midterms after midterms, assignments after presentations and all the pressure to keep my GPA up without crashing, I am in desperate need of motivational reminders. 39 more words



Productivity is something I really struggle with because I really like to procrastinate. Trust me, that is always a bad idea. This week I have been much more productive than usual trying to get ahead rather than waiting until the last minute like I typically do. 420 more words



Welcome to The Starving Student, a blog about all things food for all Ryerson students. We bring affordable restaurant reviews, easy recipes, and budgeting tips all to one site for your dining pleasure. 10 more words