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Who Am I?

To begin, let me introduce myself… My name is Corey Brown, and I’m just like you! Yes it’s true, we aren’t that different at all really! 1,080 more words


Out from under

Hello, human beings.

Assignments are building up. But I’m managing, kind of like John Legend; “My head’s underwater but I’m breathing fine…”. So the total number of subjects I’m taking is 5. 734 more words


Spontaneous, Illogical Opportunities

I was on Facebook today and an advertisement popped up. It was for an agency that hires people to teach English to kids France. You’d live in France (obviously) and work as a teacher/ nanny for one or several families. 532 more words

My first WIAW!

Hi guys!

so today I decided to do something different!…my first What ‘Iman’ ate Wednesday!- convenient no? that there happens to be an I and my name starts with an I! 678 more words

Delay in order processing on VINFORM.COM due to General Elections 2014, India

Due to ongoing general elections 2014, there is a delay in processing Education Verification across India. Most of the govt universities are under occupation by Election Commission and admin staff in deployed on Election Duty across India.

Education Verification

7 Things I Learned in College (For Free)

First I’d like to say a huge “HOWDY!” (shoutout to all my Aggies out there) and welcome to my little slice of the Internet. This is my first blog, so I hope we can get to know each other and grow together! 863 more words


The Future Tag

I’m feeling lazy today so I decided to do a tag and since I’ve been talking about the future all the time I found a tag about the future. 657 more words