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Empire Times Online

Everyone rejoice!


This year, we’ll have a fully-functioning Empire Times Magazine Online, that’s why!

We’re in the stage of getting the approvals sorted, and getting what we need to create it pushed through the gigantic machine that is the university. 31 more words


Arcus Center for Social Justice Leadership by Studio Gang

From the architect. Historically, convening for social justice has taken place in the most informal settings, with many of this nation’s most important civil rights gatherings, for example, taking place in a church basement, a living room, or even around a kitchen table. 454 more words


Office on Campus

One of the bigger perks of being an Editor (or Editor-elect) is access to that sweet, sweet office space on campus. I ride a bicycle as my method of transport, so having a space to keep spare t-shirts, extra drinks, a towel, or just a draw of post-ride snacks is truly wonderful. 199 more words



Pre-season is when you get your shit together. It’s when you organise what you’re doing, why you’re doing it, and how you’re doing it. You do have meetings, you do training, you write lists, you try things out to see what works, curse, and then try something else. 258 more words


Home for a While

I left school today, my package came! The drive home was fast and I didn’t stop at all, which is pretty impressive for me. I usually get really bored so I have to stop to pee and for some type of entertainment I get coffee or a snack. 338 more words


we found ourselves staring into god's golden eyes

semester one of second year is OVER. how beautiful it feels to write those words at last! it feels like i’ve been in a vacuum for the past two months. 1,000 more words

Summary of Different Etiquette Blogs

  1. Responding to Critical Feedback on Your Blog
    1. Ben Huberman talks about how you should respond to feedback on your blogs. He first talks about how in a perfect world you would get all positive feedback, but in reality if people don’t like your posts or even if they don’t like how you stated things in your post.
  2. 393 more words