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I'll Deck 'Em

It’s my second year off at university. So far I’ve managed to avoid sex, drugs, drinking, and working myself to death.

My first year I went to a block party at the two Christian houses–one for guys, and one for girls–the  101 more words

Western Writings (WWU)

Painting, and Pondering 'Brothers in Christ'

There’s two days left before I return to Western. We’re painting Hannie’s room a nice blue color, chatting all the while.

We discuss whether or not it’s safe for me to perch atop the ladder like an elf as I paint. 82 more words

Western Writings (WWU)

How to... Be a Student

So, being a student…. In my opinion, it’s somewhat like having a split personality disorder, some days you’re like “oh my gosh! The freedom!” these are the days where you buy whatever food you want and stay up as late as you want because your mum isn’t around to say otherwise and on others you feel like crawling in a ball and the majority of the time you end up calling your mummy saying “I want to come live with you and not be an adult, being grown up sucks” these are the days spent in your pyjamas watching those television shows you watched as a child such as The Tweenies or Rugrats. 564 more words

Review: Rolling Stones "A Rape on Campus"

Before you click the link bellow or read any further – TRIGGER WARNING: Sexual Assault, Sexual Violence, Gang Rape, Serial Rape, Victim Blaming.

A Rape on Campus… 2,028 more words


Script: Telerana del Amor

After looking through some old files, I found the very first script I wrote at Uni. Basic isn’t the word. Feel free to take a look.


Jamie Barber

Rainy Daze

November 22 (Day 82)

Do you ever have those days that are REALLY productive? Like, you get enough sleep, you get a lot done, and you get to relax. 144 more words

Online instruction in game design