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2014 Student Life Awards

Last Thursday, the Student Life Awards commemorated the amazing achievements of our student leaders and organizations.  The Downbeats set the tone for the celebrations by serenading us with some new hits and classic a capella throwbacks.   108 more words

Center For Student Involvement

The Buzz on Caffeine (Part 1)

Ah, caffeine! The most wonderful kind of drug (in my humble opinion) and the main component in my favourite drink- coffee. In fact, as I sit typing this post, I am gulping back my fourth cup of the day! 566 more words


I'm Still Alive, Just Horribly Negligent

So last anyone heard of me on this site, I was sitting in Charles de Gaulle eagerly awaiting my flight home for Christmas. Well I’m sure you’ll be glad to hear that I haven’t been sitting there for four months. 932 more words


The 18 Most Awkward Moments In College

1. Getting stopped by activists who ask you if you have a minute to hear about their petition and being unable to think of a simple lie to get yourself out of the situation. 370 more words

Busy Busy Busy!

Hello Everyone!

Have been very busy recently! As you are all aware I have been doing my Project at Uni and thank you everyone that has filled in my questionnaire for analysis! 211 more words

General Blogging

You know what I hate? When I complain about a test being hard, people, including friends, just say that I can do it because I’m smart and then they move on to tell how much they lack in smartness. 120 more words