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Generating SQL Script via AWK Scripting


To be a proficient DBA, it is very important to automate the mundane tasks. Also, having good knowledge of UNIX can amazingly simplify things for a DBA. 254 more words


Some useful unix commands

Top 20 memory using process
ps -eo vsz,ruser,pid,args | sort -rn | head -20

The 3rd column is the Unix process ID which you can use as a reference before killing it. 155 more words


Time with Unix

The first thing that becomes immediately obvious when starting your first job is that, everyone is busy, all the time, there is always something to do and deciding between what has to be done and what can wait is an important skill to have. 1,098 more words


Connecting to a linux instance using putty and pem file

For the full post @ Linux Academy, use this link.
Courtesy : James and the Linux Academy !!


Welcome Back, ElementaryOS

As announced, I have reinstalled ElementaryOS (Luna) on the PC, as a replacement for Linux Mint. Not out of disdain for Mint, let that be clear. 257 more words


Mouse acceleration and sensitivity script for Linux

Unfortunately, customizing┬áthe sensitivity and acceleration settings of your mouse can be a little bit arduous under Linux. I’m running Debian Linux 7.6 Wheezy with the Xfce desktop environment, and the built in preferences pane doesn’t modify the settings of my mouse at all! 255 more words


Open vSwitch: /usr/local/var/run/openvswitch/db.sock


When you face the problem below when trying to run OVS on your system (e.g. Ubuntu):

/usr/local/var/run/openvswitch/db.sock: connection attempt failed (No such file or directory) 35 more words