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The View From Our Recliners

Ahhh it’s my new guilty pleasure–my favorite chair. The place where I can put my feet up and let throbbing muscles melt in rest. Once I sink down into the seat after a long fifteen-hour day, I hesitate moving out of it even for a drink of water. 508 more words

Modern Baseball - Rock Bottom [pop punk]

Rising to the tops of the pop punk community, Philadelphia’s Modern Baseball has the standard pop punk band image, punk and indie band tee’s and songs everyone can listen to and enjoy. 8 more words


it's bliss, though (clichés galore)

Let me give you an example of what i’m getting at: Sometimes, when my van starts making a funny noise, I think to myself, “Well, it’s not exploding, so i’m sure it’s fine.”  What a terrible way to own a vehicle… But not being a mechanic, a little pinging sound in my car could be anything from sticky brake pads to OH MAN I NEED A NEW TRANSMISSION.   24 more words

Is this The Real Life?

I fell in love with your words. I memorized everything that you said. The sweet and the crazy, the long stories and random rants. I believed in the sweet words the most. 327 more words

for a second

the sun
in my eyes

a car head-on

The fear is alive and well.

I am a graduate.

Those words feel strange to type, because it still feels like a label that shouldn’t apply to me. September is coming and I’m not going back to university – but the university-life-bubble is all I’ve known for the last 4 years. 473 more words


Unknown Strapless Bra 34B

Unknown brand, strapless bra model B5710, 34B. This bra is quite worn out. Very pretty with lace trim around the cups, which are seamless molded with light padding. 43 more words