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This is for You

Haven’t you heard? You should never start a fire if you do not know how to put it out. Unless you are planning to create your own hell, go ahead. 273 more words

Hits You In The Heart

To the Selfish You, Love Bode Farewell

You may be eager to know who the ‘you’ in the title is. Or perhaps, you too know someone who don’t appreciate others and regard nobody but their very own selves. 1,898 more words

Reality Bites

Perhaps It Never Was

Translating poetry is never a good idea, but I tried it anyway. If any of you can speak/read Spanish, I hope you’ll read the original Spanish version below. 373 more words



I’m soft.

I try not to let the world made me hard, or your lies break my smile.

I’m soft as the wind whispering into your ear an “I love You”. 62 more words

Comfort zone


It’s 11.52pm now that I start typing..I have a confession to make which is that, I’ve never 100% fully been out of my comfort zone before and I believe in this quote saying, “Life begins at the end of your comfort zone.” Which sadly means that, I’m not really ‘living’ now because yeah, I’m hiding my real self. 481 more words


Ever wanna be somewhere else?
Today is one of those days.
Where I would love to be anywhere but here.
I feel broke.
I can’t feel like the world is crushing me like an ant. 138 more words

ten letters to an old love

we are on your fire escape
i can’t stop crying
and the milk
hasn’t even been spilt

in the subway you won’t let me hold your hand… 277 more words