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Competitive Religion

Oh well, this is not about whose Benz, Jeep or Jet is bigger. It’s about an eroding core.

A friend pointed out to me how there was no kindness in her religious centre. 385 more words

A Better You

Infatuation, Mistaken Love

In my 40 years I have in some form or fashion sought after love. No matter what form you seek after love, it is the driven force to your existence. 244 more words

Thought Nugget

Changing Woman

I am not the person you used to love anymore

Black hair spill down her back
Ringlets and curls teasing her thin, pale body
Touching and caressing her pert breasts… 149 more words


Not productive at all.

I’m spending my sembreak with my bed. Hay I hate it. I want to go out and have fun. I really need that. At alam mo pa yung nakakainis? 19 more words

The Clock

Inside a gorgeous clock
Two souls travel for eternity
Waiting for each other
For a very long time
At times one is at the back… 122 more words

Hanya Wohilka

Falling again

I had an event in Convergys February this year. It was the day before Hearts’ day and that day was the day I felt my heart beat once again. 272 more words

Sour Cream Dawnut

how do I do it?

How do you let go of someone, who wasn’t even yours to begin with?

How do I let go of you, when you’ve already let me go? 49 more words