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I'm giving up

I’m giving up
Have you ever feel exhausted yet you don’t know why? Have you ever been so sad and not happy with your life? Have you ever feel unimportant to someone who mean the world to you? 354 more words


Cold, Cold, Cold

something new and something old
keep your distance dear.
something blue
his beard.
something white and satin
wrapped in red.
hold close to your heart… 36 more words


It Takes Nothing

It takes nothing…

It takes nothing for me to lose myself in you,

It takes nothing for me to melt away in your hold,

It takes nothing for me to be mesmerised by your sweet, velvet voice, 97 more words


... arrest me

So undecided. So distant. So lost from myself.

All I could do is watch my cold,dead body lie on the pool of death brought upon by pain.

169 more words

Welcome to the Friendzone!

Welcome to the Friendzone, we have fun and games, we have…actually there’s nothing interesting in here, so I hope you have a bad time in here, you big sucker! 367 more words


Caramel Kisses

“…Consuming all you, inch by inch
Sweet kisses on your delicate caramel skin”



Can you unlove the love of your life?

How can someone who said he loves you hurt you so bad?

Why do we tell the people we love they mean a lot to us but we just take them for granted? 131 more words

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