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How Do I Unlove Thee?

How do I unlove thee?

Let me count the ways

I can bury myself deep

Under the ground I’ll be

‘Til my dying day

But I know that can never be… 72 more words


The Composer

I compose a hundred lines
With a thousand words
For a story that you think not exist
But it has the melody to be sing… 102 more words

Hanya Wohilka

How Do I Unlove Thee?

unlove. (verb) – to cease to love.

Some of us would think if there are ways to love a person, then perhaps there are ways to unlove them. 523 more words



Go un-

button yourself; take out your soul

from my jar of memories.

De-memorize the smells

of the coffee maker,

the lime soap,

and scrape… 79 more words

let's remember our troops

let’s remember our troops
the fallen and the standing
those who fought/fight on missions we didn’t send them
those who died/die on same

let’s remember our troops… 176 more words


I did try very hard to be what Mike wanted but he almost always failed at expressing his needs in a way I could emulate. It was hard on me, not being accepted. 728 more words

“I want to forgive you and I want to forget you”