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The Composer

I compose a hundred lines
With a thousand words
For a story that you think not exist
But it has the melody to be sing… 102 more words

Hanya Wohilka

How Do I Unlove Thee?

unlove. (verb) – to cease to love.

Some of us would think if there are ways to love a person, then perhaps there are ways to unlove them. 523 more words


let's remember our troops

let’s remember our troops
the fallen and the standing
those who fought/fight on missions we didn’t send them
those who died/die on same

let’s remember our troops… 176 more words


I did try very hard to be what Mike wanted but he almost always failed at expressing his needs in a way I could emulate. It was hard on me, not being accepted. 728 more words

“I want to forgive you and I want to forget you”

Just a little touch

I can only imagine
what would pass between us
if we sat with our faces touching
and looked in one another’s eyes

I would only be able to smile… 56 more words


even though i am usually (but rarely) posting my poems, and obviously not well known on this wordpress ‘thing’, where it is only a medium to create an illusion of admirers..

77 more words