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“Wanda” sits in her room and wails and moans and complains of pain all day long. She rings out for pain meds way before they’re due. 303 more words


The Magazine and Him

Beloved is a man who is very comfortable with himself. So comfortable that he doesn’t mind getting caught by friends looking at bridal magazines. No it’s true. 409 more words

Keep your head high & your middle finger higher

It’s quite funny how immature some people can be; even people who are older than you. When you’re 19/20/21 – you should start to grow up a bit. 403 more words


Marvelous Mr. Market

One of Benjamin Graham’s most famous ideas is the anthropomorphization of the stock market as a character he called “Mr. Market”. Mr. Market is a very troubled man. 509 more words


Explaining Risk and Reward

A lot of people know that there’s a relationship between risk and reward. If you didn’t…surprise! They’re correlated with each other. Generally when investors take on more risk, they demand higher returns and when investors take on less risk, they accept lower returns. 643 more words


// U N N E C E S S A R Y //

I don’t understand some people. I can’t read their face. I don’t know whether they were telling the truth or lying. And the thing is I don’t know if he loves me or not? 143 more words

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