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Full of Questions

My last two births did not go as the mommas had planned.  In fact, both ended in c-sections and I can safely say that was the furthest from both of their minds.   1,029 more words


"I'm Not An Expert..."

The phrase “I’m not an expert” seems to get used a lot as a disclaimer, a statement of “I may not be qualified, but I’m giving it a shot anyways”. 324 more words

Streams Of Thought

Animal Spirits

It’s official: the Federal Reserve is attempting to release more doves than Noah’s Ark. For those of you who don’t know, when the Fed is acting “dovish”, it means that they’re implementing policies which are more concerned about unemployment and less concerned about inflation (lower interest rates). 428 more words


Working Yourself Out of a Job


Working oneself out of a job (WOOOJ) means attempting to make your position unnecessary. This can be done by simplifying necessary tasks, eliminating unnecessary tasks, training others how to do what you do, delegating duties to subordinates, and otherwise reducing the need for you to remain involved in your present position. 3,447 more words

Games, Games, Games!

When I heard that some economists just sit around all day playing games, I knew I had to be one. But then I found out that their idea of “games” was really just a smorgasbord of complex mathematical models so I decided to be someone who just makes fun of economists instead. 539 more words


Three That Is Unnecessary (2014)

1. Certain wars.
2. Smugness.
3. Not voting.
All she wrote-
Some simply missed the boat.