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The Importance of a Mentor

Think about the person you professionally respect the most. Got a nice image in your head? Good. Okay, now think about whom that person professionally respects the most. 447 more words


Quote from The Power of Suffering: It is not honorable as a Christian to be in that position (suffering for unnecessary disruption)—it is disgraceful.


Swinging at Curveballs

I’m pitched more investment ideas on a weekly basis than I can count, but most of them are outside of the batter’s box and aren’t worth swinging at. 434 more words


NBA and Adidas have come up with another uniform design disaster

.@PhilHecken @sportslogosnet NBA teams will have a gold "mark" on the back collar if the franchise has a title: http://t.co/oDwntb5mSK
Conrad Burry (@conradburry) …

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Uniforms & Design

How much do you weigh in Chocolate Limes?

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I’m not really one to talk about major gloabal issues such as war, or economic growth, or any other such things. But recently the whole situation which is occurring between Palestine and Israel has really caught my attention. 377 more words

procrastinating like my life depends on it.

(Which is basically the only reason that this fairly unnecessary and uninteresting post made it onto my blog…)