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Ridiculous thought

I do not know but I had always wanted to buy a van, although knowing it is not very practical for my use – that is why I never bought it. 95 more words

Random Thoughts

Expecting the Unexpected

Timing the market is one of the most taboo exercises for many value investors. While value investors will allow themselves to price a stock, betting on timing is usually thought to be completely unpredictable and therefor completely unreliable. 460 more words


Enuf! by Dennis Lange


Suprfluous sum lttrs r
Az n th day – anthr str.
Bside th sun, they twnkl nun.
Y r we needng evre 1?
Th tsk thn iz 2 sepr ate… 84 more words


Lions, Bulls, and Bears! Oh, My!

It’s very interesting that words relating to animals are used to describe investors such as bulls, bears, “herding behavior”, and “animal spirits”. This is because what works for animals to survive in the wild is often the incorrect behavior for investors to model. 492 more words


Why Transposing Scores are Redundant and Why They Will Always Exist

In the world of orchestration there are two kinds of scores; concert pitch and transposing. A concert pitch score is one where all the notes are written and sound at concert pitch. 864 more words

Music Stuff

Vladimir Putin Has Careened From One Diplomatic Disaster to Another

Summing up for the New years eve… Putin has not been very good for Russia this time… or for the world.. And oil prices down 40% should add a lot of weight to his troubles… 182 more words


R.O.I. for Y.O.U.

In a recent interview, Warren Buffett said, “A good business is one that earns high return on tangible assets. That’s pretty simple. The very best businesses are the ones that earn a high return on tangible assets and grow. 463 more words