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Becoming Buffett-esque

In which types of companies does Warren Buffett seek to invest? Fortunately, you don’t have to wonder much. Over the years Buffett has expounded upon the various qualities he looks for in a prospective holding. 428 more words


26 - Yes!

At first I thought this was a cruel joke that the internet was playing on me because I didn’t think that something so glorious could be real. 38 more words


Good vs. Great

Which would you rather own: a good business at a great price or a great business at a good price? This is essentially the question which Warren Buffett had to answer that ended up ultimately defining his career and making him one of the wealthiest men in the world. 401 more words


From 1-14-15

While talking about what makes a football player good versus bad, a college-aged male decided he’d make up his own rating system and laughed, “Is it how many dicks he sucks?”

Unnecessary Things We Do to Dogs

Have you ever seen people who shave their dogs for the summer? or people who tail dock and ear crop their dogs? I ve seen a lot of people doing weird things for their dogs, sometimes I even see people putting nail polish on their dogs and while some of these may look fun to us, the dog may not be enjoying it as much. 45 more words

Every star in the sky is important. A constellation wouldn’t be a constellation without every star. So every single person matters, it wouldn’t be a world without them.

You are important!