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The 491st Time

As a realistic, rational-thinking human being, I absolutely detest the number fourteen. Oh how I loathe those eight letters and their two-digit counterpart, meant to symbolize that shameless and ubiquitous numeral; how I abhor those two sevens, perfectly acceptable numbers as they are, when they conjoin in hideous invective without concern for the lives they leave distraught. 911 more words


A Bit About Buffett

Most people know Warren Buffett as one of the world’s greatest investors but they’re a little hazy on the details as to how he was able to achieve his fortune. 453 more words


So fucked up...

Okay, probably the most fucked up day for real.

I just finished my homework. It’s already 1.00 a.m. And then I sneaked from my room to take the printer from my parents’ bedroom. 62 more words

First Post.

Let’s do some introduction!

I’m YuiKannon.
Just call me Yui. or ue

Umm, I’m just a high-school girl who likes anime and stuffs.

Maybe I won’t post really often, because I’ve been busy with school and stuffs, or maybe too lazy to update things in this blog. 12 more words

Investing Ain't Easy

I’m frequently asked such things as “Hey Daniel, what’s the next hot stock?” or “Hey Daniel, how do I generate significant income in this low rate environment?” or “Hey Daniel, do you want ravioli tonight?” The answers are usually “Dunno”, “Not easily”, and “Absolutely”. 514 more words


Signs You See Only In Australia

On the golf course

The Outback Waterhole

The Friendly Beach Welcome

The Unnecessary Warning

The No Brainer

The Garden Centre

The Honest Truth


"Unnecessary" quotation marks (32 photos)

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