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learning circuitry using the Arduino Uno.

we started to learn very basic circuitry using the Arduino Uno and bread board (the white circuit grid), these workshops were very simple and easy to learn from, I’ve never done circuitry with the Arduino before but it does make everything a whole lot easier and simplier to learn, from these workshops i learnt how to wire up circuits and write the codes which command what the Arduino  does. 126 more words


Bumblee - Uno

It’s Tuesday, it’s the week of Black Friday Sales and it’s time for some bouncy techno. That’s why today we’ve brought you Bumblee’s Uno which is definitely the bounciest track we’ve heard in a while, it’s like being at a slow rave on at trampoline world. 45 more words

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Five Questions with Karrin Allyson

“She’s been described as a “musician’s musician, …a complete performance by a complete artist —and for once the overused term actually makes sense — a complete artist, one of the jazz world’s finest.” 1,335 more words


Saturday - Love, Loops & Uno

Fakesgiving is over.

My poor sweet wonderful mother in law broke down sobbing several times. There were a lot of attempts at distracting her, but she fell into loops where she couldn’t stop talking graphically about what happened to her son and husband. 216 more words


BROADCAST of our Supreme Commander in CYRENAICA

Mu’ammar al-Qathafi, Our Most Honorable Supreme Commander, leader of the Revolution.


‘Black Libyan resistance':

“Faraj and you become the victory soon, God willing.”

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escala de borg

Recordando mis propias palabras, suelo distinguir a los corredores según la manera en que se plantean sus entrenamientos: los que se rigen por un plan de entrenamiento determinado de antemano o los que corren sin… 463 more words