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New Digs II (a blog post!)

I am so lucky to have this charming little space to call my own, it almost makes up for having to move. I decided as I was packing to move here that I was going to start off so organized that I would have to stay that way. 216 more words

Figuring It Out

Define: Unpack

by Sally K. Lehman

So in the writer biz… Okay that sounds hokey, so let’s forget I wrote that[1]. In the writer business… 402 more words


everyone comes with baggage

everyone comes with baggage. find someone who loves you enough to help you unpack. tuesday quote


Another Day . . . Another Chance to Write

How do you view your days? Mine are usually viewed as to how much I can accomplish and what I want to do with that day. 288 more words

Post-Holiday Blues: How to stay happy

Having just returned from a holiday overseas (even though some work was involved), I completely understand the mind’s refusal to get back to our daily routines. 776 more words

Out & About

Những công cụ cần thiết cho quá trình Reverse Engineering .NET (Phần 4)

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Gần đây có một số bạn  chia sẻ các bài viết của tôi trên các forum, facebook, website,… Tôi cảm thấy rất vinh dự về điều đó. 1,752 more words