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Các công cụ cần thiết cho quá trình Reverse Engineering .NET (Phần 1)

Các chương trình viết bằng .NET có cấu trúc khác với  các native PE file, cho nên các công cụ debug/disassembler  thong thường không thể phát huy hết sức mạnh, mà muốn dịch ngược được các chương trình .NET và phân tích cấu trúc + mã nguồn của chúng, không gì tốt hơn bằng việc sử dụng các chương trình chuyên dụng dành riêng cho .NET, tôi sẽ giới thiệu với các bạn trong bài viết này. 2,134 more words


Unpacking for the Ride

There is a reason you can only carry so much on a motorcycle. When we get on our bikes we are supposed to leave our baggage by the side of the road and put as many miles between us and all those things that pile up in the corners of our mind. 464 more words


What A Week....

It’s Sunday evening here in Kabwe, and I’m sitting here…at my desk…in my room…in my flat…after eating a delicious home-cooked meal…writing this blog…


Ha. A lot can happen in a week. 857 more words

Buying and selling

It’s been a quick week at work with many preparations for the students for some important tests that are starting next week. I have also been eating… 410 more words


Downsizing the house into an apartment

Tomorrow will mark two weeks of being here in Bowie, Texas, the official first leg of our nomadic journey. The first week was spent mostly unpacking. 504 more words



I rigged up a temporary setup to see how lifting items up to the mezzanine would go.  Using a pulley for an electric 4×4 winch (you can see it in the photos from the 20m2 post earlier) and a rope, I tried out lifting one of the crates. 330 more words


My House is Surrounded by Palm Trees

I arrived in Townsville on February 13th to my beautiful house in Kirwan. So far no complaints, except that there are ants everywhere.. I mean everywhere. 461 more words