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Employment Law Clip: Internships - Paid or Unpaid?

Student internships have become increasingly popular, and while internships generally benefit employers and interns alike, there is uncertainty regarding whether internships may be paid or unpaid.  43 more words


An internship by any other name would not smell as sweet

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I left the UNHCR office feeling strange. Not because the interview I had was odd, which it most certainly was, but because my head was filled with maths. 845 more words


Condé Nast Settles Intern Lawsuit

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Condé Nast has settledits widely publicized the unpaid intern lawsuit that began last June. The suit was brought on by former W Magazine intern Lauren Ballinger and former New Yorker intern Matthew Leib for their internships in 2009 and 2010, respectively. 111 more words


Three Invalid Arguments in Support of Unpaid Interships

By Jeff Johnston

1. It’s about paying your dues

The argument:

Let’s face it. Gen-Y is a collection of entitled hipsters who just want everything to be given to them. 1,314 more words

Ontario Cracks Down on Unpaid Internships

The Government of Ontario has started to investigate the legality of unpaid internships.  First stop: magazine publishing companies.

Already, unpaid internship programs at The Walrus and Toronto life have been shut down entirely.  397 more words

Unpaid Internships May Pay Off in the End


I worked as a contributing/staff writer during my junior year at Northern Kentucky University on the College of Business, careers and advising beat. This was one of my print and online stories exploring unpaid internships.

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