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Great Exploitations

Suggested name for a recruitment agency that catches unpaid interns for companies, charities, the UN and politicians etc. 207 more words



The Legal Aid Society of the District of Columbia was formed in 1932 to provide civil legal aid to individuals, families and communities in the District who cannot otherwise afford to hire a lawyer. 327 more words


Unpaid Internship

Sleepy couch potato here, sleepy as ever and wanting to crawl back onto my couch.
Unfortunately that can not happen because work comes in the way. 228 more words

Somewhat Serious

My Hot Air Balloon

There comes a point in life when you are carrying too much baggage and it begins to weigh you down. Baggage isn’t wholly negative, but it can be both time and energy consuming. 655 more words


Quality over quantity: choosing one great position instead of 10 mediocre ones.

I have read many articles stating college students need internship (usually unpaid) experience before applying for entry-level positions. Companies justify offering unpaid positions by stating they are teaching the students in a working environment…“This will be a great learning experience.” The problem is that most of the positions do not teach you anything. 669 more words

LinkedIn To Pay Nearly $6 Million In Unpaid Wages And Damages To Current And Former Employees

NEW YORK (AP) _ The Labor Department says the professional networking service LinkedIn has agreed to pay nearly $6 million in unpaid wages and damages to 359 current and former employees. 106 more words


Unpaid opportunities - are they worth it?

So you’ve found your perfect role, a role that will give you great experience and look good on your CV, you scroll down and see it’s unpaid. 738 more words