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My Advice To Women With Unplanned Pregnancies

First, let me start off by saying, “Congratulations!”  I find that all too many times, people forget to say congratulations and celebrate your happy event when it wasn’t planned.  662 more words

This Optimist's Life

August 14 2001

It took some doing but all the calls were called and the arrangements arranged and all that was left was for a baby to be born. 322 more words


Some of the best things in life are spontaneous!

I apologise for the lack of posts but to be honest my mind has been elsewhere of late.

You see, a couple of weeks ago (or months ago really), this happened… 626 more words


Abortion: Yeah, Let's go there.

No one wants to talk about it.  No one.  Well maybe a few people.

The people that are often considered the fringe.  Those who are willing to stand on the street corners or outside Planned Parenthood clinics with posters depicting bloody aborted fetuses.   1,007 more words

Not Born To Breed-Part I

*Over the past two years I have thought about writing an open, no-holds barred post on my experiences with pregnancy and motherhood as an African-American woman from a lower-income, urban background. 1,650 more words


Selfless Love

Wow, what a WEEK I had last week! This post will give you the birth/adoption story details, but first I must brag. Little Man was ushered into the world via C-section at 10:10am on Wednesday, July 2nd. 2,652 more words


Maybe Baby?

<Welp, it wouldn’t be a fucking summer without a fucking pregnancy scare.>

This is what I was thinking while I stalked the family planning aisle at Walgreens at 10:30 PM the other night. 2,027 more words