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Not Born To Breed-Part I

*Over the past two years I have thought about writing an open, no-holds barred post on my experiences with pregnancy and motherhood as an African-American woman from a lower-income, urban background. 1,650 more words


Selfless Love

Wow, what a WEEK I had last week! This post will give you the birth/adoption story details, but first I must brag. Little Man was ushered into the world via C-section at 10:10am on Wednesday, July 2nd. 2,652 more words


Maybe Baby?

<Welp, it wouldn’t be a fucking summer without a fucking pregnancy scare.>

This is what I was thinking while I stalked the family planning aisle at Walgreens at 10:30 PM the other night. 2,027 more words


I chose LIFE

It has been over 19 months now since I gave birth to my beautiful daughter, and another 8 since I found out I was pregnant. My life has dramatically changed since that heart wrenching day and I cannot express how thankful and blessed I feel that I somehow managed to choose life for her but also choose life for myself. 660 more words


"...[not] Like you thought the story of your life was gonna be"

Storybooks always paint a picture of how authors think life should pan out. In the realm of relationships: first comes love, then comes marriage, then…you know the rest of the rhyme. 684 more words


Struggling to let go

I know it’s over. I know it was unhealthy and I know there are strong soul ties in place here.

I haven’t seen him for two weeks now, but he is on my mind constantly. 338 more words

I Resolve to Lay My Isaac Down

In four days, my entire life is going to change drastically. My C-section is scheduled for the morning of July 2nd. After months of counting down the days and wishing Little Man would hurry up and be born already, I suddenly realized about a week ago how absolutely terrified I was for his birthday to arrive. 1,562 more words