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God Is Dead...

“A child can ask questions that a wise man cannot answer.” 

-Author Unknown

 I had a long weekend off from work this past weekend on account of it being Columbus Day, so my family and I decided that it would be a great opportunity to do something special together. 1,872 more words

Seeking Truth

Recharge. Refocus. Refresh.

Sometimes you have to unplug yourself from the world. Like literally, ignore all the unnecessary folks in your inbox, leave your email alone and maybe just make that “DO NOT DISTURB” option live for the day. 223 more words


Let them Wait

I tried to relax. I tried to read my book. Then I tried to watch some football with my husband. But people need my attention. Just like I need theirs. 642 more words

Unplug the zombies

In the age of technology, it is great to just unplug.  I know lots of people can’t do that.  They are tied to their cell phone, email, texting, Facebook, Twitter, etc.   126 more words


A little behind

Hi all, I’m a little behind. It’s been kind of a hectic week. I’ve been super busy, super exhausted, and not exactly feeling the greatest. Since I’m going to be missing a couple reviews in this post (I’ll catch up, I swear), I guess I’ll talk briefly about my (gasp) personal life. 617 more words


Unplug to Plug in

I made an effort to get up earlier than usual this morning.  It was quiet, still, peaceful.

Very early in the morning, while it was still dark, Jesus got up, left the house and went off to a solitary place, where he prayed. 682 more words

Be Present.

One of my favorite past times is people watching. As a kid, I would love to watch people and see if I could spot someone tripping on a shoe lace or falling up a flight of stairs. 387 more words