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Media Connection Overload: When It All Gets To Be Too Much

I have overly connected myself with news media sources via social media.  I don’t know when I felt the burning need to follow every news source known to man in my region, but I do. 648 more words

What's On My Mind?

Disjointed and Disconnected

How often have you had that feeling?

Disjointed. Disconnected. Out of the loop. Not plugged in. Blurry brained. Totally out of sorts with everything that is happening around you, and with no sense of how to reconnect. 349 more words

Algorithms For Life

There is a magical place where its OK to be out of date and disconnected

Take this post with the following grain: my perspective is that of a 5-day tourist. I do not claim to have unlocked the secrets of a society, I’m merely communicating my impressions. 317 more words


#OurDayNotYours #WeddingsUplugged

Even Real Time is almost too late. Technology and social media has enabled us to expand our reach and it has it’s advantages.  However, when it is not used properly and with permission, it could turn what is supposed to be one of the happiest days of your lives, into a nightmare. 487 more words

[Re-Plug] Hierarchy of Basic Needs

In therapy last week, my therapist shared with me the six basic needs of all humans–connection, purpose, security/safety, acceptance, belonging, significance. These are the human needs at the emotional level, not necessarily the survival level. 661 more words


I'm Engaged

Good morning!  It is a lovely morning here at Oklahoma Christian University, and I am currently enjoying breakfast in the caf after my 8 a.m. Political Science class.   430 more words

Oklahoma Christian University

Against the grain

Over the past two years or so I have been toying with the idea of deleting my Facebook account. A couple of times I have unplugged from FB for a month or two and enjoyed those times immensely. 577 more words