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Music Monday: Feelin Groovy, Simon and Garfunkel

My banjo teacher used to call me “High Strung.” Some how, I don’t think that was a compliment. I’m always in such a hurry to finish up whatever we are working on and get to the next plateau that I don’t enjoy the moment. 285 more words


The Retreat from Technology: a push for the psyche

It should come as no surprise that the majority of us live in a world in which we are almost always ‘plugged in.’ We awake to our smartphone’s alarm, we check our emails with morning coffee, we work with some form of computer throughout the workday, and play Candy Crush on the couch after work. 1,203 more words



Hello Internet Friends.

When was the last time that you woke up in the morning and were truly happy with yourself? How often during your day do you look at a photo on Instagram or Tumblr and wish that you were someone/somewhere else? 339 more words


Listen to the Silence

It’s no wonder LISTEN and SILENT have the same letters. You can’t do the first without the second. Silence has more important things to tell you than CNN, People Mag, even this post. 15 more words

John Mabry

The power of "powering down"

KIMT News 3 – You may have heard the alert on your radio or gotten it through email during the height of the heat wave.  Local power companies were asking folks to power down for the day due to high energy use.  281 more words


Unplug & Unwind

Squeezing out your hidden time potential

We are creatures of multitasking. Some of us have gotten this art down better than others. The technological transcendence of our time gas caused us to feel a massive void when we are not doing something – whether it be grueling or mindless. 340 more words

Nifty Tips

The simple life

I spent the last week with family at a cabin on Loon Lake in the Adirondacks.

Our cabin had no internet access or cell service, and the shortest drive to get a bar on your cell phone was about 25 minutes away. 423 more words

Life Lessons