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In This Episode...

I have had a bit of a struggle with The Novel for the last week or so.  I’m nearing the End of the Middle (assuming it remains one book and doesn’t become three as I think it might) and it is getting hard to keep the story moving forward, and I haven’t had any idea why.  407 more words


Beyond Fear.

Over the weekend, I printed out copies of The Script and got them into the mail to my Trusted Friends.  While I was going through the process of punching, fastening, and packaging said copies for shipping, I had a pleasant sensation wash over me. 308 more words


More on Fear

A different kind of fear has hit me, one I didn’t quite anticipate in the way it has, today.

I thought I was ready for the fear of rejection.  406 more words


My Kickstarter Project

So I’ve taken a bit of a plunge and started a kickstarter campaign. It’s to raise enough money to print and post copies of my novel to publishers and hope to see some success. 60 more words


The Strength of a Writer

Where do writers get their strength? I mean, I don’t know many aspiring writers. As a matter of fact, I might even only know one (that I can think of) in my extended circle of friends. 506 more words


All writing is mathematical.

Ah, you say, how can that be?  Am I crazy?  Mathematicians, engineers, and computer geniuses totally use one side of their brains and poets/artists/literary giants totally use the other! 827 more words