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It is so damn easy to make excuses to NOT write. Probably the easiest thing in the world is to find a reason to not sit down and knock out your 500-, 1000-, 1500-, or- whatever-words-in-a-day goal you’ve set for yourself. 216 more words


The return to daily writing has been a pleasure, but I’m struggling to find time to write. Lately, the best time has been late at night after everyone else has gone to bed. 292 more words

I'm Writing Again, or Sadism for Fun and Profit

It hasn’t been too hard getting back into the saddle. Other than finding some quiet time, (and who doesn’t have that problem?), getting back into The Novel hasn’t been as difficult as I’d expected. 158 more words

Back to the Grind

The World Cup is over, and a glorious Cup it was. If you’re a fan of soccer (or football, if you prefer), you couldn’t ask for anything more. 143 more words

Conflicting Goals

Conflict is a horrible thing, especially when it is two things you want that are in competition.  On the one hand, I have The Novel. On the other that once-in-every-four-years extravaganza known as the World Cup. 270 more words

I Need a Map

I’ve got a problem.  It may or not be that big. It could be huge.

My ‘plan’ for The Novel was to be done at or about 400 pages and/or totaling something like 100,00 words, and have it done no later than today.   182 more words

Unintended Consequences

I believe in something that I call The Law of Unintended Consequences.  It can be applied to anything.  Basically it boils down to this: if you change one thing it will change something else that you never considered to begin with, and that effect may or may not make things worse than they were before you started. 405 more words