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the things indescribable

you were born to see it

the sweat and
the clouds
were all mingled together among
the sheets and
the sighs
when you were all but… 139 more words


In This Episode...

I have had a bit of a struggle with The Novel for the last week or so.  I’m nearing the End of the Middle (assuming it remains one book and doesn’t become three as I think it might) and it is getting hard to keep the story moving forward, and I haven’t had any idea why.  407 more words


Dawes Road - Van vs. Pole

Driver walked away from this one as well.  Single vehicle struck the utility pole around 230am. Two people were transported to hospital with non-life threatening injuries. This incident went unpublished.


Radio bemba


Four decades. Well, 4.5 decades. (April 16, 1967) That’s how long it’s been since my father has touched Cuban soil.

I have three dollars, in quarters, jingling and clanking against each other in a small silk change purse that a good friend from Shenzhen brought me from China. 724 more words



Recently graduated, or recently unemployed, regardless I found myself plunged into the disappointment of an uncertain future and an empty bank account.

With everyone I know returning to the grind, not only did I have no purpose, it seemed as if I had no one in the same situation. 1,482 more words


A Meeting of the Minds

Last Saturday morning a local writers group, The Write Minds, met at the Carenen Cottage, as they do on the first Saturday of each month, and the third Wednesday evening. 192 more words

Tales From The Carenen Cottage