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four years...

four years, I have been silent
words escaped my tongue without making a sound
the more i tried to write through this period, the less I heard… 86 more words


The Decision

The Novel, as I’ve mentioned before, is stretching out much longer than I initially expected. I planned to have the ending come at about 400 pages and 100,000 or so words. 286 more words

Welcome one and all.

I want to Welcome you to my first ever blog post. I have spoke to various people before who love to blog and they have all told me one thing; always plan your posts out to make sure they sound as good as you can get them for your target audience. 304 more words


Things I Think On, Especially on Bad Days

My brain often feels like it is going a hundred miles an hour, a whirling dervish of random thoughts, ideas, and doubts.

The ideas are nothing to fear. 509 more words

Preliminary Results

I tried it yesterday, changing my writing time from the deepest, darkest parts of the night to the bright, sunny hours of the late, early, mid-afternoon. 255 more words


Denatured and disillusioned
Through shattered
Monumental skins
Reach a tired ear,
Stretched in
Rubber fashion,
Made into glass,
Fallen to a
commodity-built… 45 more words


Writing Schedule

My writing schedule needs adjustment.  Recently, I’ve been doing my writing late at night, starting at somewhere between 11pm and midnight and going until about 1am. 188 more words