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Life’s been blinding me
Against what I expected
Every fibre in my body screaming
Just don’t know what it is anymore
From what I thought I’d see…

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Love; Peace; Question; Patience; You; Me

Unpublished Sequels

Self help books are extremely important, the sequels to them, maybe not so much… Here are some of them that have changed lives and then their sequential manuscripts that would have even changed more lives, had they gotten out, but then some thought they were a bad move, probably the same guys who started the Prohibition. 93 more words



It is so damn easy to make excuses to NOT write. Probably the easiest thing in the world is to find a reason to not sit down and knock out your 500-, 1000-, 1500-, or- whatever-words-in-a-day goal you’ve set for yourself. 216 more words

David Cameron’s choice of the century: to confront or kowtow?

In my article for The Independent, I set out why Britain has a moral responsibility to secure democracy in Hong Kong. Here, I will argue why it is in Britain’s (and David Cameron’s) interests to intervene. 944 more words


National Geographic's Unpublished Photographs, Found

To commemorate 125 of publishing, National Geographic recently released Found, a Tumblr site dedicated to never before seen photographs. A few choice ones below, but I encourage you to look at their… 118 more words