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3.16 Gorgon's Blood

Poseidon pulled his trident out of “Dionysus’” limp, bleeding body, and held it over his head in victory. Apollo and Aglaea were on the ground in an instant. 5,214 more words

Volume Three

3.15 Fair Maiden's Hand

Nothing happened.

Well, technically something happened, that something being that our keys spun around uselessly without clicking or latching onto anything.

“I’ll bet it needs-” I started. 5,345 more words

Volume Three

Smitten (Review of Courtney Milan's "Unraveled")

Unraveled is what happens when Courtney Milan perfects the historical romance novel. Pardon me, she doesn’t “perfect” it—she bulldozes over tired tropes and constructs something complex and wonderful out of the ruins. 1,088 more words

Writing For Publication

A New Friend

Liam was never considered to be one of those kinds of people. Not by himself and much less by the people around him. You know, the nice sweet kind that got pushed over by other people because they were simply too nice or the romantic kind that would buy gifts for their other half just because or the kind that fed stray animals and aww-ed and oo-ed at their antics. 1,023 more words


3.14 Hidden In The Stars

It was almost midnight. I was lying in my bed. Calliope was lying on my couch. We were both wide awake and fully dressed, waiting for Apollo to take us wherever we were going. 5,329 more words

Volume Three