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3.12 The Brew That Is True

After Apollo had left me alone for a sufficient amount of time, I went back to Hephaestus’ workshop to get the thyrsus. “The specifications are exactly the same as the old one,” Hephaestus said, “except I added a failsafe.” 3,407 more words

Volume Three

Reading roundup – October 17th 2014

So this week I finished a couple of books, one of which left me thinking, “oh… OK.  What happened exactly?” and the other received my first five star rating in quite some time.   363 more words

Reading Roundup

3.11 Ashes To Ashes

Athena, Zeus, and Clio were huddled in conference over the score. Clio wasn’t an official judge, but her presence in the huddle wasn’t much of a surprise. 4,892 more words

Volume Three

3.10 Distractions

I followed Beroe back to the river bank in case she changed her mind about Orpheus’ secret, but it didn’t happen. Instead, she summoned Dionysus. I decided to stick around and keep an eye on things. 5,363 more words

Volume Three

3.9 Fate Intervenes

Apollo pulled me tighter into the kiss. I felt his arm grip my waist as a piece of his laurel wreath snapped off in my fist. 5,311 more words

Volume Three

3.8 I'll Make A Man Out Of You

The tournament was about to begin. The “arena” was a wide swath of uninhabited sea coast in wine country. There were no walls, markers, or formal structures around. 5,934 more words

Volume Three

16 Times You Never Want Anyone Talking To You

Talking to people can be pleasant and enlightening, but not in these sixteen circumstances.

1. When you’re in the public restroom.

As if enduring the sounds and smells of a communal bathroom isn’t bad enough, the last thing you want is some bubbly stranger making conversation with you while you’re peeing side-by-side. 669 more words


hiewwlsarah reblogged this on PloofedbySarah and commented:

This is really really accurate. I relate. Especially 11. I'm oddly terrified of sales assistants because they hang around you, scoping out the things you're interested in. Gets me all self conscious and stuff and I get so scared of touching the things I like. I can practically hear them judging my tastes in things...