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3.3 Baby's First Words

A feast there was. My sisters and I were all in attendance. So were all of the Twelve, as well as their spouses, lovers, and/or resident offspring. 5,294 more words

Volume Three

3.2 King Meets Queen

I never got to sleep that night. I was sure that, as soon as I did, I’d be called before the Fates, and Calliope would be right next to me. 4,281 more words

Volume Three

Thalia's Musings 3 is here!

The first chapter of Unraveled (Thalia’s Musings, Volume Three) is online at ThaliasMusingsNovels.com!

I’ll be posting a new chapter every Monday for the next seventeen weeks. 108 more words

3.1 Deep Waters


I blinked my eyes, which were extremely out of focus for some reason. I took a few seconds to reorient myself. I was in our throne room on Parnassus, propped up in my own throne. 6,957 more words

Volume Three

Winner of Unraveled

Congratulations to Jen Lunde, winner of Unraveled (eBook).  Thank you to all who commented to stand a chance to win.

Remember to follow the blog each Monday as there will be books up for grabs each month. 22 more words

Foreign Affaire

HEIDI McCAHAN ~ On Writing

Heidi, welcome back to Foreign Affaire.

It’s great to be back here.

Well, let’s jump right back to where we left off on Monday. Tell us when you first realized you wanted to be a writer. 1,357 more words

Foreign Affaire

Volume 3 Release Date

Yes, it’s finally happening, people! We have a release date for Unraveled (Thalia’s Musings, Volume Three)!

The first chapter will be online at ThaliasMusingsNovels.com on Monday, August 4th, 2014.