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Fun Cannot Quench the Hunger

I promised a short post about my food after playing at USS for half a day and here it is! It’s a little late I guess but I’ve been a little busier hahaha… 275 more words


Unraveled by Jen Frederick (Carolina)

Goodreads Giveaways

This look lived up to my expectations in most ways, but then there’s one thing that kind ruin the New Adult books for me. 274 more words


Welcome back to the Mainland

I had a fairly fun afternoon with a friend returning to mainland Singapore for the first time in 2 weeks. Sounds insignificant right? Well normally it would be but it’s sort of a marking point in his army life hahaha… First book out that’s why. 329 more words


Putu Mayam!

I was just talking about putu mayam with my friend the other day and whadoyaknow! Papa has psychic powers I believe.

For all you non-Singaporean people out there (Or just people who oddly don’t really eat local food even though you live in Singapore – Yes I’m talking about you Anny), putu mayam is a sort of noodle pancake thing which looks and tastes a lot like vermicelli. 217 more words


Lunch with the Past

Today, my friend and I had lunch with our ex economics tuition teacher to thank him for his teachings. So we chose an eatery near my workplace called ‘ 332 more words


Test Run

This is my first post. I’ve yet to figure out exactly why I’m actually doing this but I believe the idea behind it is mild enthusiasm and a warped hubris. 116 more words


10 Spectacular Bathroom Design Innovations Unraveled At BIS 2014

10 Spectacular Bathroom Design and style Innovations Unraveled at BIS 2014
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Your personal bathroom is the only area in the house that sends your troubles away, relaxes and invigorates you. 18 more words

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