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A.I. in UE4 Overview

As you may have noticed from the complicated graph you see above, I have moved from the craziness that is Character Blueprints and into the craziness that is Character AI. 384 more words

Ariana Alexander

Tekken 7 release date set for 2015 with new characters and plot

The wait for Tekken 7 is soon over as the game’s release date is set for 2015! Tekken fans can expect the #game to hit the market around the latter months of next year. 325 more words

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Epic's Unreal Engine Marketplace open to share game assets

Epic has officially launched the #UnrealEngineMarketplace, allowing subscribers to Unreal Engine 4 to #buy and sell community-created game assets from a single, central location.

The UE4 marketplace opens its doors with a bucketload of both paid-for and free content, ranging from ready-made environments to props, sounds, characters. 234 more words

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Jiri's Got a Sparkle in His Eye


Among my other Unreal Engine shenanigans, I finally got Jiri Wehle into the engine, fully textured and ready to rock! It’s taken forever to get this far, and as with any learning curve, I’ve still got a ways to go. 206 more words

Ariana Alexander

Week 1 - Engine Changes

While discussing possible concepts for our Capstone, my artists mentioned that they would like to use the Unreal Engine. After all the pain I had to go through to learn Unity from scratch on my own last semester, there wasn’t ANY reason why we shouldn’t just jump on ANOTHER brand new engine I’ve never used. 226 more words


RTS Community Project: FayCliff Map

I updated the textures on FayCliff map. There is no landscape painting. In Material Editor i used Lerps with various Masks generated by World Machine.

Unreal Engine 4 to be the game engine for Tekken 7 release

Namco Bandai announced the next title to their Tekken #fightinggame franchise, Tekken 7, during the 2014 Evolution Championship Series. The #announcement was made alongside a trailer video. 269 more words

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