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Why does nothing in Unreal Engine 4 work?

As expected, pretty much all I did this week was Container City. I wish I could let myself just work 10-6pm, but because I’m doing the UE4 work I can easily stay up until like 11pm fiddling about with it. 695 more words

Unreal Engine 4, Unity, Cry Engine: What to choose?

Before starting development of the game the 1st thing one should decide is: “What engine should I use?”

In this article I would like to present a brief overview of the 3 the most powerful engines, in order to clarify their key differences, advantages and disadvantages. 745 more words


It's Her Again... but UNREAL

Hello world! Yes I’m still alive would you believe it?

So as I think of the little Otacon sprite from Metal Gear Solid 2 saying: “It’s the commandant again…” today I’d like to show you the updates and progress made to a character in the game I’m currently working on. 981 more words

UE4 links (guide, tut) page update 8

I check very often for new UE4 tuts by Epic and some as been recently released. They have been added to my UE4 links (guide, tut) page… 63 more words


Here's How Banjo-Kazooie's House Could Look Like If Made Today

Banjo Kazooie is one of those franchises that everyone loved on the Nintendo 64 back in the day. 3D artist Neil Goodman loves the game so much that he’s decided to recreate Banjo’s house using the state of the art Unreal Engine 4. 51 more words


Bully (Canis Canem Edit) recreated in Unreal Engine 4 (Video)

Using Epic’s Unreal Engine 4, designer and prop artist Wesley Arthur re-envisioned the 2006 game, and with impressive results. Watch the video above or check out… 115 more words


My first Unreal Engine 4 modification. Blueprint Lock Node feature

Forum Link: https://forums.unrealengine.com/showthread.php?56056-My-first-Engine-modification-Blueprint-Lock-Node-feature

Am pretty excited today because I modified Engine source to add a feature I wanted. Its called Blueprint Lock Node feature. Basically what it does is, prevents the user from accidentally deleting any nodes. 42 more words

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