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My Last Rhinoceros

I acquired the rhino…oh, pardon me, rhinoceros through a chap in Nigeria whom I’d met via a personal email letter. Someone had recommended me to him for my love of animals and my good business sense. 1,015 more words

Short Fiction

The False "I" in The Phantom of the Opera

This post contains spoilers about The Phantom of the Opera. Do not read on if you have not read the novel!

Before I wrote my review of… 1,006 more words

Writer's A.Muse.ment


When I was starting out on the beat I used to think I saw criminals in everyone. My ears were satellites to all wrong-doers throughout the city. 746 more words

Unreliable Narrators and Historical Fantasy

Unreliable narrators have a way of turning up in the most recent short stories I have drafted, so, in the interest of attaching this idea to historical fantasy, here is my blog post of this week: 1,024 more words


People don't do that anymore (I hope)

Trigger warning: abuse, therapy, PTSD

So yesterday my teacher – Mr. Math, let’s call him – who is usually very very easy going, cursed at a student and said he was going to keep us all after class (at the end he changed his mind and only kept the people who were actually being disruptive). 577 more words

When you're autistic, it's not abuse, it's therapy

Trigger warning: abuse, discrimination, gas lighting

I am angry.
Off the top of my head, I cannot think of an autistic person I know who has not been abused. 574 more words

March 31st, 2014

This week Jacob uses an unreliable narrator, 3+ characters, and the sea as prompts to give us a glimpse of life aboard a cruise ship. 52 more words