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A conversation with God

God: Hey, how’s life?
Me: not so good. You could do better.
God: oh stop complaining. Stop being greedy.
Me: I’m not being greedy. I’m just unhappy. 179 more words

Blah, Humbug

Dear Jay,

Today is a blah kind of day.  Emotionally…that is.  In fact, I’ve been pretty blah all week.  Of course, I haven’t felt well and still don’t, but is that really an excuse? 460 more words


Don't Compare

“Don’t compare your Chapter 1 to someone else’s Chapter 20.” 

~ Unknown 

Seniority for Sucking

Well, immense time lapsed since my last post; therefore, a lot changed as well… I quit my monotonous corporation job to work at a local coffee shop; I eat organically courtesy of the nearby farmers’ market; I focus on developing my art skill daily; I joined a modern dance company; I listen to local bands at fun venues. 506 more words

The Taste of Scotch

I drank you like a glass of scotch.
Feeling intoxicated, I stumbled and fell up till the point of which I couldn’t walk on my own anymore.  73 more words



Tonight you can’t be satisfied,

I pulled the weather from the sky,

Cupped it in my hand,

Tossed in and watched it fly,

Just to see where it might land, 39 more words


Am I to be played ?

Unsatisfied with myself
I searched for you,
Satisfaction is far away
Where are you, Where are you?
They thought me mad first
Then they pity on me, 66 more words