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Chapter 3

Do you ever look at where you are and think, “Damn, I need to get out of here”?

I’m at one of those places right now. 435 more words


Wishing Wednesday: Peace

Sincerely, this week I only want peace. Peace in my mind, peace in my heart and peace in my soul. Enough of this restlessness. I want peace.

princessdoodlebug <3


Walking Away From The Sunset

He had the love

He had the passion

He had the world


He couldn’t shake it

He knew there was more

He had work to do… 7 more words

Fiction&amp; Poetry

Two Loves {One Heart}

I love you like someone would love the peacefulness of the grass or the comfort of a light breeze on a quiet summer day. I love you with the quiet comfort that flows from your heart and into my wounded soul. 135 more words



My mind is not at Peace as the life which I dream is far apart to be believed.
Resting my head to the wall behind me, my hopelessness desires and waits for the right opportunity to be clicked. 61 more words



I was inspired to share this after reading a post titled Sharp, wild . It’s old and something I used to be hesitant to share but both age and the aforementioned poem has loosened me up a bit. 153 more words


Mea Culpa

I feel everybody speeding pass me, taking over, just driving on the speed lane of the road.

I see it happening more and more. I feel I am left behind. 271 more words