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Men can’t keep up in the bedroom?

Women have long been stereotyped for using the headache ‘excuse’ when looking for a reason to avoid sex with their partner. But according to a recent survey, it’s men who are failing to satisfy their wives/girlfriends in the bedroom. 280 more words

Weekend Update and Week Ahead

So Sunday’s will be dedicated to my weekend as well as things to come NEXT week! :)  First I have to get some things off my chest…………. 1,130 more words

Dreams that make me giggle

I dreamed of Mike last night. He comes and goes from my dreams, although he used to be a regular. He used to follow me around the places I went and never really did or said much, but stayed with me. 221 more words

I am just not meant to wear makeup. Bare minerals fails, BB fails, Clinique fails…after the Body Shop tomorrow I’m calling it quits. When did my face start doing this again? This is annoying.



Happiness is an oddly obscure thing that everyone strives for in life. I’ve been thinking about happiness a lot lately, because after visiting home for 11 days, I wasn’t too happy to come back to Montana. 214 more words


When I grow up I'll be stable

I hope you guys didn’t really think that I thought of that splendid title. Check out the song “When I Grow Up” by Garbage. You know the one… it’s in the movie Big Daddy. 412 more words


Impossibly simple and simply impossible

I want to quit my job

I want to end my presidency

And I want to volunteer

But through beautiful things that help me lead a beautiful life… 82 more words