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Seniority for Sucking

Well, immense time lapsed since my last post; therefore, a lot changed as well… I quit my monotonous corporation job to work at a local coffee shop; I eat organically courtesy of the nearby farmers’ market; I focus on developing my art skill daily; I joined a modern dance company; I listen to local bands at fun venues. 506 more words

The Taste of Scotch

I drank you like a glass of scotch.
Feeling intoxicated, I stumbled and fell up till the point of which I couldn’t walk on my own anymore.  73 more words



Tonight you can’t be satisfied,

I pulled the weather from the sky,

Cupped it in my hand,

Tossed in and watched it fly,

Just to see where it might land, 39 more words


Am I to be played ?

Unsatisfied with myself
I searched for you,
Satisfaction is far away
Where are you, Where are you?
They thought me mad first
Then they pity on me, 66 more words

Satisfied Unsatisfied?

Hi everyone!

We review food and classify them as Satisfied or Unsatisfied. ;)

Evaluation criteria includes:

  • Taste
  • Price
  • Service 
  • Ambiance 
  • Visual

Hence, even if the food taste real awesome but the service is crap, we might put it under unsatisfied. 12 more words



September 17, 2014

Sitting at the border
Of where the water meets the land,
Just watching the water moving,
Swishing my toes within the sand… 306 more words

The Problem with the Holidays

Christmas is the best holiday.

I will tell you why I don’t like Christmas. It is because every time I think of that day, I think of selfishness and greed; I think of hopeful children and crushed dreams. 179 more words