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Satisfied Unsatisfied?

Hi everyone!

We review food and classify them as Satisfied or Unsatisfied. ;)

Evaluation criteria includes:

  • Taste
  • Price
  • Service 
  • Ambiance 
  • Visual

Hence, even if the food taste real awesome but the service is crap, we might put it under unsatisfied. 12 more words



September 17, 2014

Sitting at the border
Of where the water meets the land,
Just watching the water moving,
Swishing my toes within the sand… 306 more words

The Problem with the Holidays

Christmas is the best holiday.

I will tell you why I don’t like Christmas. It is because every time I think of that day, I think of selfishness and greed; I think of hopeful children and crushed dreams. 179 more words



So, through some of mine own reading and devotions, I was inspired to talk about the opposing side of being you for a purpose. The more I thought about it, my concern, was that in all that I have written it may have seemed like just waking up one day and deciding to be you for a purpose will be a piece of cake and there will be nothing that will hinder the process, so to speak. 1,208 more words



two or three weeks ago i thought i had a problem, it stems from my medication.  i thought that i had erectile dysfunction because, even though my wife and i attempted sex, i could not get fully erect and nor did i come to orgasm.   185 more words


Hunger Pains

I was hungry

So I ate

Stuffed my face

Until my jeans unbuttoned themselves

I was full


With no intent of eating again

As though it really were my last meal… 97 more words

Amber Rae

Our Wedding Coordinator

I’m very hands-on with our wedding preps because we know what kind of wedding we want! and how much budget we want to spend, that’s why getting a wedding coordinator is… 368 more words