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Top Ten Facts You Will Never Be Able To Unread.

Beware: The below includes facts, reports, opinions and speculations about, cannibalism, graveyards, murder, supernatural phenomenons, bugs, and other such morbidly fascinating topics. Not for the faint of heart. 991 more words


Day 41: Scoundrels/squirrel

Boy had Nutcracker practice today, a Saturday: a party scene rehearsal followed by the first full run through. Four hours. It’s cold again, so we thought that Girl would just stay home with Papa while I dropped Boy off and did some errands. 1,735 more words



One of the joys of homeschooling is the freedom that it allows. The kids are free to learn, free to play, free to engage in whatever route their curiosity takes them. 738 more words

A Do Nothing Day

Everyone needs down time.


As an Unschooling Mom of Gifted Kids who usually drive learning of their own accord, I sometimes forget this. I worry that I’m not doing enough. 845 more words


Day 40: Baseball in the house, Disney Princess lip gloss

Yesterday was exhausting (with worry, mostly) as were the days leading up to it, and today I felt relieved but also very tired.

Poor Boy, in fact, spent the day in jammies because I hadn’t gotten any laundry done this week, and since he only has four pairs of pants, they were all dirty. 525 more words


Mm Unschool Fridays: A Long Couple of Weeks and A Quick Afternoon

These past couple of weeks have been doozies around here.  The whiny attitudes are out in full force with my preschool crew right now, along with standard life what-nots and we’ve had the bedtime battle from H-E-Well, you know.   477 more words

Little M

Cultural Differences

It’s amazing, the number of things you take for granted. Maybe for you, it’s snow every winter and church every Sunday and brambles creeping onto your lawn. 937 more words