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Why I'm Homeschooling (Part 1: Teachers)

My fourth grade teacher was difficult. Here are some examples:

We were doing an art project based on the work of Mondrian. She told us exactly what to do and how to do it, and didn’t let us get creative with the project. 158 more words


Welcome to my blog!

I’ll be sharing my experiences as a homeschooler and my thoughts about education.


Summing up Winter into Spring at our house!

I thought this blog would be a regular entry kind of thing for me, it turns out I am busier than I thought! I just haven’t found the time in the past 3 months!!  645 more words


What Do You Do All Day?

At swimming lessons, a curious mom asks me why my kids are not in school.  When I reply that we are homeschoolers, her next question is pretty typical: “Oh my, that must be so hard!   1,002 more words



This morning, I biked to Starbucks and got myself a chocolate croissant and a grande ice water. I sat in the window of the Starbucks and looked out over the tables, scrolling through Pinterest and eating my croissant. 243 more words


My Moment of Clarity: An Unschooling Mom's Epiphany

This happened several years ago when my oldest child was attending public school. I was already homeschooling my younger kids, reading a lot and learning a lot about unschooling. 779 more words


A Glimpse Into Our Homeschooling

By Shar Martinez

Hi everyone! Today I’ll be sharing a peek into our homeschooling as well as tips and advice for parents with small children who want to teach their children at home (whether its permanent or just until they go to public or private school). 878 more words