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Five Ways to Make Sure Your Child Hates Homeschooling

There is a strong correlation between the way children feel about homeschooling and the sustainability of their home schools. If your child enjoys homeschooling, it’s likely your family will enjoy the benefits of homeschooling for many years to come. 493 more words


They said it would get easier

I’ve recently been reading old blog posts and diary entries and they’ve made me realise how much easier our lives have become since we first embarked on our live-aboard odyssey in 2012. 993 more words

Live Aboard

Day 10: Rainy Wednesday

Pretty much the first thing Girl did this morning was confess anxiously that she had put lotion in a cup last night and hidden it, and beg me not to wash it because it was an ‘experiment.’ She asked to add a little water and then put it in the freezer. 846 more words


Why Unschooling? (Part 2 of 2)

Once my husband and I made the decision to disenroll our children from public school, we began researching the legalities and options for homeschooling. Legally, California is one of the most permissive states for homeschooling, thankfully! 949 more words


Unschooling Your Spouse

 Having a different parenting style than your spouse is a common problem. It pops up a lot in the gentle parenting, unschooling, crunchy parenting type groups that I follow online.  676 more words

Writing Problems

One seemingly common problem I have heard lately in many of the homeschooling groups I follow is, “my child hates to write.”  I think there are a variety of possible reasons for this. 314 more words


What if your child was an artist?

What if there was a way to peer into your child’s future and know exactly where they will end up? Would it change that way you parent? 334 more words