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The Good, the Bad and the Weird

I’m feeling the call of Christmas, but before we get there let’s concentrate on the sudden spurt of short stories that is making me look very productive. 219 more words

Johnny The Cowboy

In the town I grew up was an old man we called Johnny The Cowboy.

He was the only homeless person in our town and he would always walk… 534 more words

Strange Girls and Spooky Stories

It’s nearly Halloween and is therefore the time to make strange noises and put a sheet over your head. Okay, well, I do that all year round, but just to give this blog post a bit of character here’s a ghostly sound effect: 244 more words

Chilean Exchange Students Brave New Culture At SJ

Will Ledig ’17

This year at Strake Jesuit, we have been honroed to have two junior foreign exchange students from Chile: Martin Aguilera Valdes and Matias Gabler Gotschlich. 238 more words


An Exclusive Conversation with Montell Jordan

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via: sacculturehub.com – Michael P. Coleman

“I didn’t renounce my faith. I renounced my marriage.”

Montell Jordan entered the music scene with a bang in 1995 with the R & B and pop smash “This Is How We Do It”.  870 more words