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GAVEL - Chapter 4: The Ones Unsung

Till now, we have followed the strange tale of what happened after a boy fell on a girl at a cemetery. It was never going to be a love story. 1,165 more words


Unsung Community Leader: Harold Tessendorf

Harold Tessendorf and his wife huddled underneath a sink while the militia fired repeatedly from below while Jesus, a man in a resort’s room, reads a book nearby. 1,012 more words

Published Work


She never complained. It is all like velvet, the way she shares her love. It is about, the finesse of words, then grey days turn shiny. 420 more words



Indian women are the real unsung heroines of India

Local Flavors

The Good, the Bad and the Weird

I’m feeling the call of Christmas, but before we get there let’s concentrate on the sudden spurt of short stories that is making me look very productive. 219 more words

Johnny The Cowboy

In the town I grew up was an old man we called Johnny The Cowboy.

He was the only homeless person in our town and he would always walk… 534 more words