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Genuine Acts of Kindness Lead to Beautiful Outcomes

If you have someone in your circle who consistently gives without any expectation of reciprocation keep them intimately in your life.  These type of people are the type who should be ambassadors of the community.   37 more words


Unsung, Chapter 2: Swinging Steps

Maybe it was because it had been years since he got to be interviewed.

He gave out a sigh and tried to shake off the feeling of anxiety eating him up. 2,209 more words

Chapter 2

Unsung heroes

Everyday somewhere in the world
another unsung hero is born.
Someone who is willing,
to lay his life on the line
to save another living creature, 100 more words


Beautiful & hopeful Thai ad

Seeing this kinda stuff keeps me going, because I try to do good things to help folks, but sometimes you just don’t see that it is having any effect. Thai unsung hero ad

Everybody can't be a rapper!

I wanted to save this blog for next week but my friend Jarrett motivated me to address one of the phenomena among our young men. Thanks Smokie! 1,093 more words

Relationships & Masculinity

Yet Unsung

I am a song
Yet I am unsung.
Every day
Feels like life has just begun.
Some days I hang my head and cry.
Some days… 85 more words

Unsung Bass Players, Episode I: The Bombay Bomber

Norman Watt-Roy

Welcome to the first in what I hope will be a series of posts about unsung—or under-sung, as the case may be—bass players. I decided to start with a man that many have heard, but less than a handful of people could name him if their lives depended upon it. 670 more words