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Star Wars Pre Pre Trailer Débuts As Flick Book

JJ Abrams has launched a pre pre trailer for Star Wars: The Force Awakens in the form a flick book drawn by Jett Lucas. Fans have been queuing for 3 days straight outside Mann’s Chinese Theatre for their turn to see Jett Lucas flick his way through his interpretation of some key scenes which he has drawn in biro on an old, Lucasfilm branded, Post-it note block. 471 more words



I am torn
not myself at all

You know not what you want
you say your love is for me
then you’re not so sure… 11 more words


Social desirability

Lesson of the day…

“Socially desirable answers”

These are things that are often said, done or purchased just on the basis of it’s “social taboo” it is highly based on making themselves look good to others. 477 more words

Doctor Who Season Finale Flushes Out Bell-end Fans

Steven Moffat has been congratulated on writing and producing an episode of Doctor Who specifically designed to identify bell-ends in Doctor Who fandom.

Doctor Who… 496 more words



“It is a cliché that most cliches are true, but then like most clichés,
that cliché is untrue.”
– Stephen Fry
Now what is a cliché? 108 more words


Interstellar To Be The Most Visually Striking Film You Are Bored Shitless By

A Warner Brothers press release has made the bold statement that Christopher Nolan’s Sci-fi epic Interstellar is the most visually striking and hauntingly beautiful film that you’ll be utterly bored by. 329 more words