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Microsoft Reveal Windows 9's New Mining Interface

Microsoft Corp revealed at an exclusive event today the new Windows 9.

The popular operating system was previewed by head of Xbox development Phil Spencer. Spencer unveiled a number of new features. 225 more words


Sewers Pin

The lethargy in my left arm

Doesn’t match the one in my right

He wants the ultimate decision from me

But it isn’t happening tonight. 97 more words


Moffat Announces That Season 8 Will Homage Legendary Doctor Who Writer Steven Moffat

Steven Moffat had declared that season 8 of Doctor Who will be a homage the work of Steven Moffat.

Doctor Who production assistant Anne Incider said the project was very close to his heart. 400 more words


Casting Benedict Cumberbatch Is Utterly Pointless

The internet officially declared its lack of interest in Benedict Cumberbatch’s future projects. His name being connected to new films is such a foregone conclusion as to become mundane. 326 more words


Moffat Promises Campest Daleks Ever

Steven Moffat has promised to counteract the darker tone and central performance of Doctor Who with the campest Daleks the show has yet seen on screen. 343 more words


Underworld Reboot To Be Just As Terrible As You'd Expect

Producers of the forthcoming Underworld reboot have confirmed that it will be just as terrible as what has come before. Producer Dan Inzider was keen to put people’s minds at rest. 241 more words


Rob Liefeld Petitioned to Fix Spider-Woman #1 Cover

The cover of Spider-Woman #1 has been deemed so ridiculously bad that Marvel readers have started a petition to have Rob Liefeld redraw it.

Comic fan Greg Bones said “That cover is one of the worst things I have ever seen. 235 more words