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X-Men: Age Of Apocalypse Casting Director Just Can't Be Bothered Anymore

Juliana Truscott, the casting agent on X-Men: Age of Apocalypse, has admitted that she just can’t be bothered anymore as news has emerged that Tom Hardy has been approached for the role of the titular villain. 475 more words


David Lynch Relaunches Twin Peaks To Pay Tax Bill For Orphanage.

David Lynch has announced that he is getting the cast of Twin Peaks back together in order to raise enough money to pay the tax bill for the orphanage he grew up in. 309 more words


Quote of the Weekend

“A safe fairyland is untrue to all worlds.”

- JRR Tolkien

(Working on my own fairytale, I’m encouraged to carry on in my dark tendencies and sad endings because this world isn’t safe and neither should mine be.)

Abby Jones

Your Wishes Untrue

Be mindful of wishing, careful with wanting.
The love you seek for warmth might overheat,
asp you in snuggle, strangling your sleep.
Be careful of what you wish for. 130 more words


New Paranormal Activity Film To Feature Bits Taped Over With Eastenders

New Paranormal Activity Film To Feature Bits Taped Over With Eastenders

The “found footage” genre is about to get a new lease of life next year with the release of the next entry in the… 290 more words


Microsoft Reveal Windows 9's New Mining Interface

Microsoft Corp revealed at an exclusive event today the new Windows 9.

The popular operating system was previewed by head of Xbox development Phil Spencer. Spencer unveiled a number of new features. 225 more words


Sewers Pin

The lethargy in my left arm

Doesn’t match the one in my right

He wants the ultimate decision from me

But it isn’t happening tonight. 97 more words