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Unusual names... again

Camp NaNo, the place for writers wanting an April challenge, is up and running. I went on the forum to see if there was anything of any interest and there was a comment about unusual names for characters. 244 more words


Michelle's Destiny- A LEGENDARY Story 

For those of you who don’t know me my name is Destiny Paris. It’s kind of an unusual name that often comes along with witty comments such as “Are you my destiny?”, “Can I have a date with destiny?”, “Is that your stripper name?”, or “If you had a child it would be destiny’s child”.. 380 more words

Unusual Band Names

A brief and in no way comprehensive list of unusual names of bands or artists that should be listened to immediately (if you haven’t heard of them already) 538 more words

Band Names

{Life is a laugh} 16 things only people with unique names will understand..

Okay, this is not for the Nesters with names like Louise, Jodie, Amy or Michelle. Also you Peters, Johns and Jacks feel free to look away as well. 106 more words

This Is Life