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Unusual Words - Conclusion and Analysis

In what ways does the visual communication/message of the piece meet the needs of the brief?

The brief states;

“You are to produce two posters that promote the book’s launch. 1,454 more words

Unusual Words

Unusual Words - Experiment

I printed off a large image of my model for my photo and held it up against the window to be able to experiment drawing a beard over it aligned to his body.   303 more words

Unusual Words

Unusual Word 1 - Experiment

This was the original photo. I cloned out the ceiling line, then changed the hue of the whole photo but I masked out myself to go back to its original colour. 557 more words

Unusual Words

Unusual Words - Research

After visiting the “Terror and Horror” exhibition in the British Library on Friday I found some of the graphic illustrations useful. Showing me different facial expressions, body shapes/ postures, fingers/ hands styles. 185 more words

Unusual Words

Unusual Word 2 - Research

I have started to research into my second unusual word, which is “the act of cutting a beard”. Whilst I have been researching and illustrating my first word “fear of snow”, I have been keeping and noting down ideas for my second word. 76 more words

Unusual Words

Unusual Word 1 - Research

I thought it best to refresh my memory with Joey Paurs work on his website “GeekTyrant” and when scrolling through I found this series ‘Movie Monster Mini Art Series’ by Chris Brake. 241 more words

Unusual Words