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An Old Soul

“A free spirit is just an old soul with all its karma paid…needing to prove nothing! So, DON’T MESS WITH ME! “

- partly from fb/Awesome, Exotic and Unusual, partly from me -

Current WIP, Down the Rabbit Hole!

Starting this piece was a bit slow, since the mandalas were a new experiment with adding more Victorian patterns into them which was actually quite the challenge. 28 more words


Demonic Half Man, Half Beast Found Near Crimea! (Russian News Report Translated); Video

Weird, strange, unusual and inexplicable are the first words that pop into the head with this Russia news item, translated into English in the subtitles in the video below, of remains found in Russia that have scholars mystified. 148 more words

Conspiracies | Coverups

Kid + Education + Parent = ?

The New York Times recently published an article claiming that parental involvement is overrated. It lists only three things that seem to work: “…expecting your child to go to college, discussing activities children engage in at school…, and requesting a particular teacher for your child.” All the other things that parents do for their kids apparently do not affect grades and test scores. 62 more words

Three That Happens When You Don't Pay Your Rent (2014)

1. Reminder.

2. Court order.

3. Eviction.


Nothing unusual, nothing amiss-

Regarding this type of business.