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Door frame and right angle sidelites

Just finished this unique door frame yesterday.  It is a doorframe to suit french doors, on a hardwood sill. the door frame has sidelites as well as corner panels (90degrees) with casement sashes.   35 more words

The Window Man

Gregory Crewdson.

Gregory Crewdson is an American photographer who is best known for elaborately staged scenes of American homes and neighbourhoods. His pictures simply fascinate me, I could stare at them all day. 60 more words


First Shoot Images.

Although I wasn’t please with how this shoot had turned out, I chose to edit these 5 images. Looking at them once edited, the images weren’t as bad as I had originally thought. 42 more words

Re-inventing the Wheel...Harp

Unlike the many other peculiar instruments, the Wheel Harp is a relatively new invention. It made its debut in 2001 by creator Jon Jones.

The Wheel Harp is a keyboard musical instrument that gives the player the ability to orchestrate a full chromatic scale of sixty-one bowed strings. 80 more words



I make pop music. It’s not particularly weird or controversial and the most ‘adventurous’ song I’ve ever released can only really be considered adventurous based on the fact that it’s got a tempo change. 288 more words


We Didn't Start The Fire

 “You know what this organ needs? Fire.” said someone somewhere.  That someone was named Georges Frederic Eugene Kastner. In the late 1800’s, Mr. Kastner created the Pyrophone Organ, more commonly known as the explosion organ because the instrument used explosions to create music. 86 more words


All About That Bass

The Octobass is not your average upright, stringed instrument. Upon seeing it for the first time, you will definitely recognize the sizeable difference between this instrument and the classical bass.   141 more words