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So Fugly they're Cute

I’ve been watching some animal doco’s lately and thought I’d share some so-fugly-they’re-cute animals I’ve seen :D


Bear meets lemur meets pig.

Kangaroo Rat… 104 more words

Rambling Goat

The Weirdest Wedding Dresses

Having a beautiful white wedding is not always everyones idea of a perfect wedding, some brides to be like to go all whacky and extreme and get a VERY unique dress. 38 more words


The Most Unusual Guns in the World

Link to article.


If you spend very much time in gun shops, at gun shows, or at online gun auctions, you soon discover that there are some really bizarre guns out there. 863 more words


personal experience #1: growing up with an unusual name

 i am going to start posting personal experience blogs so you guys can get to know me better and so i can talk about how something affected me and the outcome. 175 more words

Thoughts ♡


Tom Jones lied to us.

It is unusual to be loved by anyone.

It is unusual to love someone outside of yourself

because here we are still existing  328 more words


Flushed with Pride - Staffordshire

Discover the fascinating history of the humble toilet at Gladstone Pottery Museums “Flushed with Pride” exhibition! You will be taken on a journey of discovery through the ages, learning about the evolution of sanitation and how the toilet has changed throughout history. 186 more words


The Beauty in the Breakdown

The place really is just a mess. Truly it could be a setting for a horror movie. Old saw blades and tables, half the building caved in, notes written on the walls saying things like “help us” and “prisoners”. 212 more words