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Unusual Uses For Ordinary Things

It’s always fun when you find out that some everyday household products you have lying around your home actually live double lives and can help you in more ways than one. 27 more words


World’s Most Unusual Beaches

It seems that when we believe about the beach, we usually believe about  white sand and crystal clear water. But not each beach is like that. 36 more words

Women Ideas

12 Breathtaking Art Projects Made From Thousands Of Unusual Pieces by Feedous

The beauty of art is that there are no rules telling you what you can and can not use or how it ought to look like, what it need to describe, and so on. 43 more words

Unusual Shoes Tuesday | RED Valentino Snow White Disney Patent-leather Pumps by Feedous

Following on from last week’s ‘Unusual Shoes’ post, I thought I may give the weird and (sometimes) superb designs out there a standard slot here at ShoeperWoman. 38 more words

New direction, new beginning

My blog started on the first day of this year , 2014.
I felt that if I am not happy with my life ,I’m the one who can make the changes , so I decided to share my passion for good food and interesting comparison about different types of culinary inventions. 200 more words




Normality. The explained social code the human race tries to base its’ core values on. Yet the word is a contradiction in itself. Its’ definition is to conform or reduce to a regular standard pattern. 581 more words


A Junk-Yard of Treasure

Tucked away in the worn-out end of Plymouth town centre, in a car park surrounded by concrete flats lies Little Camden Market. I treat the curious collection of lost objects like a museum, while those with a keen eye can go digging for treasure (hard hat required). 770 more words