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The change came slow, almost unnoticable. It was not even clear is the people realized this change, so unparalelled in its significance, had happened.
If the people from before the change had been able to describe the world after the change, they probably would have described it as post apocalyptic. 135 more words

Seldom Seen

Once a year at this time I see three turkeys in the wild. Only once a year, only about this time, and it’s always three of them. 100 more words



There’s always a great mix of topics on the Net and I actually enjoy switching form one subject to another. You can approach body modification from many angles, too! 102 more words


Very Unusual-Colored Betta

I don’t think I’ve ever seen a betta with such a unique color scheme. Huh.

Photo Credit: unknown source :(


Why bother?

I mean, why bother? I’m not anyone different to you or him, over there. I’m just another person. There are genuinely more fascinating people on telly or in the newspapers and stuff, so why should you want to read about Martin ‘Coops’ Cooper, a thirty-something bloke from rural Lancashire with the attention span of a labrador and a slight whiff of raw bacon about him? 303 more words

Sass, ass & class with The Cheek Of It! burlesque school

Anyone who has ever known me – or indeed, stood within 20 feet of me in a nightclub – will know that I cannot dance. My inability to co-ordinate any two parts of my body at the same time gives me, in times of unbridled merriment, the appearance of an over-inflated wacky waving inflatable arm flailing tube man. 653 more words