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A Child's Time-In Simple Rhyme # 533

Up and down, up and down-
On the trampline, we are found.


Solve decorating challenges

Pictures are the best: here are a few felt panels currently on display at common Thread fabric store in Taos, NM.  These are 3 foot by 4 foot and hand-washable, all natural, thoroughly sustainable made from the wool of rare Navajo-Churro sheep.   50 more words


Christmas Creations

At Pixie Creations we love making all sorts of things for the festive season. Over the years all sorts of decorations and festive items have been created to make our Christmas unique and individual. 282 more words


Wacky Sport Wednesday

It is time for another edition of Wacky Sport Wednesday!

Each week we find those sports that you wouldn’t believe!

If you see something you think should be featured, then send it our way! 88 more words

Hot Japanese Pepper | Botankoshou

The Botankoshou is a particular type of pepper, grown in Japan. It is so spicy and so hot that when you slice it, the vapour from the pepper hits the back of your throat. 34 more words

Cats and Bullets

Our Feral cat has taken up residence in the water bowl on the wall. Now there are two trains of thought on this, it either fits her body so she feels safe, or, she`s waiting for the birds to come for a drink. 192 more words