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Who I wanted to be vs. Who I want to be

Our dreams can change dramatically from when we are five years old, up until the time we are actually told to choose our paths. For some, the dream remains the same, only intensified and much more detailed. 71 more words


voxpop #1: what would you be doing if...?

Students at UOW were asked: What would you be doing if you weren’t a student at UOW?

Not too much soul-searching was expected.

The expected answers? 27 more words


Film critic in the making.

The self-proclaimed “movie geek”, Angus Collocott, experienced a range of career fields before deciding to study a Bachelor of Communication and Media Studies at UOW. So far, he has experience within retail, food, finance, marketing and management. 71 more words


All around the world

As a reporter for UoWTV’s segment “The Rant”, Angie Shen already has her foot in the door. Having moved for employment reasons from China in 2010, Angie wanted a better life with more job opportunities. 82 more words


Funniest university moments

University of Wollongong students share their funny university experiences.