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Liquid Labour

Smart phones, tablets and laptops make work almost inescapable as we are almost always ‘wired’. This also means that work can be more flexible than turning up in an office from nine to five, five days a week. 214 more words


My Experience of Dark Water "Honogurai mizu no soko kara"

Last Friday I was invited to go and experience my friends’ new home theatre room. Armed with a six-pack of James Boags, an armful of Thai food and my bright yellow fox onesie, I was ready for a long night of thrilling theatre.  446 more words

Network Paradigm

This week’s lecture was on understanding the network society paradigm. Castells’ “Afterword: why networks matter” was very useful I understanding this topic. He questions why we are living in a network society now, as opposed to previously. 237 more words


A Networked Society, United Under Fear.

With the invention of the telegram, the world quickly became a global network. All of a sudden, people had (although not cheap) access to real time information of things happening across the world. 501 more words


Citizens of the Education System

They say you learn something new everyday. And, with such an international mix of students in our universities and higher educations today, we really meet someone new from somewhere different everyday. 728 more words


The Truth About Learning Internationally ...

Decades ago when the Internet was first invented, the world would not know what its potential would be. The world is experiencing globalisation drastically where different cultures meet worldviews and ideas intersect. 469 more words


How many views did you get?

Measuring audiences’ media use has been around for decades, as businesses, producers and marketers wish to gain information about them to make more money. However, as I learnt in the lecture this week, the way they measure audiences participation with television and radio is rather outdated and unsophisticated which can lead to incorrect results. 635 more words