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Introduction BCM240 - Media Space


I’m Ash and I’m a second year Media & Comm./International Studies student at (trying) the blogging game for another session. This time I’m writing for BCM240, DIGC202 & BCM111. 346 more words


University of Wollongong 2012-2014

This is a reflection of my 2 and a half years studying a Bachelor of Communication and Media Studies degree at the University of Wollongong. It is a mostly enjoyable course although I sense that the degree is still hanging onto certain aspects of the industry that have been left behind and there needs to be an updated curriculum.


Saving for Exchange

Despite¬†how impolite or “not done” it is, I’m gonna talk to you about money. I’m gonna talk to you¬†explicitly about money. Money is a huge part of exchange and you’re kidding yourself if you think you’re gonna wing it or “not spend that much” – the biggest joke of all is a budget. 725 more words

International Exchange


(As part of my journalism major, I was required to interview a UOW student on something other than uni life. My first thought was of this lovely human being, Kieran; a Law and Communications student with a penchant for expensive sunglasses and a life of travel.) 634 more words


Final Pre-Departure Session

So on the morning of 10th June, I set off to UOW with two friends to go to the final session. I was heaps keen because I love all this informational stuff about exchange, I eagerly await any communication from UNC, I read every pamphlet… I geek out about this. 478 more words

International Exchange

"Malevolent Creatures: The Making of a Monster Guide" Part 2 - Assigning Roles and Researching

Because Mitch and I live far apart (I’m at Nowra, he’s at Jambaroo) and neither of us drive, we had to rely on communicating via Facebook and over the phone to be able to collab. 184 more words

"Malevolent Creatures: The Making of a Monster Guide" Part 1 - Pairing Up and Early Ideas

When Mitch and I paired up for our final assessment, we got a lot of weird looks and confused comments. The things is, Mitch and I are both very strong personalities. 196 more words