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"Up All Night": Great Song With A Title That Resembles My Weekend

Happy Monday everyone!

I hope you had a fantastic weekend. I sure did and I am suffering sleep deprivation consequences lol, but it was worth it. 399 more words


Up All Night - Club Penguin Version [Daffo's Pool Party Recap]

Well this is out of the blue.

(If the video is blurry and pixelated, reload the video. It should be in high quality.)

Did you go to… 61 more words


Up All Night | Arty

Up All Night | Arty

This is DOPE!  Arty mixes every fine element of electronic dance music altogether to a perfect balance and to a level of standing this track out of every cliche Top40 dance music. Me gusta!


Tough Questions: What's the Longest You've Ever Stayed Up in a Row and Why?

Every week we ask everyone who hangs out around here to answer a tough question. This week:

What’s the longest you’ve ever stayed up in a row and why? 829 more words


19.12.06 Good to be Back

I’ve got a few minutes before I board the flight to Worland, so I thought I’d take the time to write in my journal.

Been a good day.  222 more words


No Sleep? New Post!

I keep staying up late enough until it’s early, and then the sun rises. It’s beautiful.

It’s strange, I somehow never managed to get used to the sun when it’s still cold outside. 139 more words


Owl City's 'Ultraviolet EP'

Owl City has decided that the next few releases will be EP’s, or “short stories that collectively add up and tie together for the full-length.” The first of these was released on June 27th. 252 more words

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