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Procrastination. This is what it looks like.

I’m supposed to be unpacking, but decided to bake and sing-a-long to Singin’ in the Rain instead. It’s not like these boxes are going anywhere, right? 9 more words

Even when I thought this Californian duo couldn’t get any stronger, they proved me wrong. Slander is back, and with a sound so huge that neither you nor your speakers will be able to handle.  242 more words

Makeup by One Direction

When I found out One Direction was coming out with a makeup line I laughed a little bit. These guys have done everything! Now don’t get me wrong, I’ve been a fan before they released anything across the Atlantic Ocean, but they’ve blown up so much it’s hard to think of them as my little secret anymore. 414 more words




1:32 a.m.

– Vacations going on –

AHAHAHAH! Life’s so peaceful n cool right now!!
I’m sitting in my room – aircon on 17′ and study lamp on, laptop by my side… Nothings better (right now) than sitting on the bed rolled up in a ‘furry’ blanket and a pack of Chips Ahoy…. 305 more words

Staying Up All Night

So, this is the fourth night that I’ve stayed up all night in an effort to prepare for my new work schedule. Staying up all night has not been as difficult as being able to sleep during the day. 107 more words


Listening to Up All Night by Owl City

I fell in love with a ghost~
A whisper on the air
Made my heart rate fall
When I heard you call
And I swear, I could hear your voice in my ear but there was no one there at all…

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