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Because Everything Is Awful, Jimmy Fallon Rounded Up Some Fake Good News Via NBC News Anchors

You may have noticed lately, that everything in the news is SUPER depressing. Even more so than usual. We’ve all pretty much been in a perpetual state of… 72 more words


Chelsea Handler Is Going To Make An Ungodly Amount Of Money With Her Netflix Deal

We’re still a ways off from Chelsea Handler’s forthcoming Netflix talk show, which is said to be premiering in early 2016 — but TV Guide… 184 more words



Thank Goodness It’s Friday or in other words… Thank God I’m Free.

It is a beautiful Friday afternoon and I am currently sitting at my 8-6 summer office job. 168 more words

12 (italialaista) tuolia

Kävin elokuvissa.

Kauppakeskus Forumissa sijaitseva Kronverk Cinema, kuten ehkä olen aiemminkin maininnut, näyttää erilaisia teemaviikkoja, ja elokuun puolessa välissä oli vuorossa Italia. Teatterissa näytettiin viikon aikana kuusi uutta komediaelokuvaa venäjäksi tekstitettynä. 236 more words


Jimmy Fallon Shares His Favorite #MyRoommateIsWeird Tweets

Jimmy Fallon had his viewers reveal the idiosyncrasies of their weirdest roommates with #MyRoommateIsWeird tweets, because these are always fun. I think if you’ve managed to get through life without having at least one super weird roommate, then congratulations, you’re an anomaly — but otherwise I feel like this is a topic that almost everyone can relate to. 116 more words


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August 22, 2014 at 10:51PM 에 10m 동안 Walk 을(를) 하였습니다. 소비한 칼로리는 59.0칼로리 입니다.


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August 22, 2014 at 11:02PM 에 12m 동안 Walk 을(를) 하였습니다. 소비한 칼로리는 51.0칼로리 입니다.