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Madhu Vidya (The Honey Doctrine)

The Madhu Vidya (Honey Doctrine) is enshrined in the Madhu Kanda (Honey Chapter) of the Brihad Aranyaka Upanishad. (B.A.U). It occurs in the Fifth… 1,762 more words



Out here on the Interstate
All movement seems to cease:
I’ve listened to most every part
Of Tolstoy’s “War and Peace”.

And Audible dot com should make… 33 more words

Original Poems

Book Review: The Upanishads

The Upanishads are some of the most fascinating writings in world literature. They are a record of several hundred years of experience and wisdom in one of the world’s great mystical traditions. 176 more words


The Inmost Self.

When you are fast asleep, there is no thought of I or of this or that, no awareness of what is without and what within, time is not there, the mind is not, there is just being and peace. 317 more words


Charaivati Charaivati

Indra said, Charaivati, Charaivati..
Keep on moving…. Keep on seeking…

A. Source:

The phrase Charaivati – Charaivati occurs in the Khanda (Section) 3 of Addhyaya (Part 3) of the 7th Pachchikaya (Chapter) of the… 1,296 more words


Give me your Hand, Ārtabhāga!

Somya, Ahara Hastam, Ārtabhāga!

Gentle, Give me your Hand, Ārtabhāga – Thus asked Muni Yājñavalkya to Ārtabhāga.

This was the reply given by Sage Yājñavalkya to Jaratkaru Ārtabhāga on being faced with the most difficult of all questions – What happens to Human being after Death? 1,479 more words



Raga: Abhogi Kanada

Jiya lage na kya karu sajna
Na jaiyo re sautan ghar sainyai

Raga: Adana

Jhanak jhanak payal baje – JJPB
Radhike toone bansari – Bhai Bhai… 3,553 more words


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