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Assumption of Divinity

Let there be a Creator:

The Creator ordained Let there be Light. And then there was light and the entire creation sprang up from non-existence. 1,036 more words



Taking as a bow the great weapon of the Upanishad.

One should put upon it an arrow, sharpened by meditation,

Stretching it with a thought directed to the essence of That, 130 more words


A Message to America - Sri Aurobindo

A Message to America
I have been asked to send on this occasion of the fifteenth August
a message to theWest, but what I have to say might be delivered… 1,116 more words

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''The Science of the West has discovered evolution as the secret of life and its process in this material world; but it has laid more stress on the growth of form and species than on the growth of consciousness: even, consciousness has been regarded as an incident and not the whole secret of the meaning of the evolution.'' ''In one of the Upanishads a being of knowledge is stated to be the next step above the mental being; into that the soul has to rise and through it to attain the perfect bliss of spiritual existence. If that could be achieved as the next evolutionary step of Nature here, then she would be fulfilled and we could conceive of the perfection of life even here, its attainment of a full spiritual living even in this body or it may be in a perfected body. We could even speak of a divine life on earth; our human dream of perfectibility would be accomplished and at the same time the aspiration to a heaven on earth common to several religions and spiritual seers and thinkers.''
quotes from Sri Aurobindo's message to America [Autobiographical Notes and Other Writings of Historical Interest] http://www.sriaurobindoashram.org/ashram/sriauro/writings.php    

Things are Transitory

Things of the world are transitory. If one
dies without first having realized the Self,
there is no happiness here, or hereafter.

source: The Chandogya Upanishad… 6 more words


Merge Into

As the rivers flowing east and west merge in the sea and become one with it,

Forgetting they were ever separate rivers, so do all creatures lose their separateness when they merge at last into pure Being. 27 more words

Book Review: The Upanishads translated by Juan Mascaró

The Upanishads are, of course, among the great classics of mankind. The vast wealth of literature classed under this heading emerged from the spiritual golden age of India, a period during which the polytheistic and overly ritualistic religion of the Vedas was emerging into something simultaneously more spiritual and more philosophical. 356 more words


The One Appearing as Many

He is the fire and the sun, and the moon
And the stars. He is the air and the sea,
And the creator Prajapati.

He is this boy, he is that girl; he is… 364 more words

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