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the realisation of radiance

A luminous piece today written and illustrated by Chameli Ardagh

You are the light of awareness
embodied in time and space.

Embodied awareness brings forth…

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A Luminous Mélange

The Higher Bird & Lower Bird

One of the stories related to Rishi Angirasa is mentioned in the Mundaka Upanishad. A householder by the name Saunaka carried his firewood and reached the forest where Rishi Angirasa was.

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Teachings Of Masters

Tat Tvam Asi

Tat Tvam Asi – Thou Art That. A simple mantra, yet powerful from the time the ancient yogis put it down for us, in the Upanishads. 384 more words

Cosmic Consciousness

Taller de Mantras y Musicoterapia

Tercer taller de SADHANA con Eduardo Soto

La palabra sánscrita mantra literalmente significa “pensamiento”. En el diccionario de la RAE la definen así:“En el hinduismo y en el budismo, sílabas, palabras o frases sagradas, generalmente en sánscrito, que se recitan durante el culto para invocar a la divinidad o como apoyo de la meditación”. 671 more words

Yodapillar & Lotus

Drink in the lotus, Yodapillar.  Breathe in its purity.   Out of a mudhole it has grown.  Now it floats, gently bobbing on the surface. “Mudhole?   Slimy?   73 more words


Depression Is Not Who You Are

“I have been one acquainted with the night…” Robert Frost.

My dearest friend,

I am sorry to hear you are encountering some rough territory in the Moody Marsh.

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- Depression

Brahma Sutra 1.1.2



Brahma Sutra – Sutra 1.1.2


Janmadyasya Yatah – I.1.2

Literal Meaning : Janmadi: origin etc.; Asya: of this (world); Yatah: from which. 23 more words