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Who are you and what are you made of?

Ever notice a conversation that comes up over and over again with multiple people? It’s been happening in my life.  People are asking me, “How do I live so that my perception of self is the same as other’s perceptions of me?”  Key word:  Perception. 458 more words


As Is

As is the human body,

so is the cosmic body.

As is the human mind,

so is the cosmic mind.

As is the microcosm,

so is the macrocosm. 112 more words

Shiva, all you need to know.


The Lord of all Yoga and Tantra

Excerpts from Master Lalitamohan lectures

Shiva (śiva) aka Mahadeva, Yogeshvara, Bholenath or Nataraja; in Sanskrit: शिव … 10,900 more words

Yoga Articles

Who Am I?

The Invisible One

The student inquires: “Who makes my mind think?
Who fills my body with vitality?
Who causes my tongue to speak? Who is that… 423 more words

Sacred Text

Short questions with LONG answers. What is yoga?

What is yoga?
Yoga, defined is a union. A union between you and all that is not yourself. Modern interpretations of yoga call it a union among mind, body and spirit. 748 more words

Bhagavad Gita

Hindu Dharma: Scriptures

The Vedas are knowledge that has been heard/shruti which are believed to have been revealed by God centuries ago. The Vedas hold eternal truths and thus are Hinduism’s most authoritative scriptures in explaining life’s sacredness and humanity’s purpose on earth.  602 more words

Hindu Dharma

Spirituality and the jigsaw puzzle

What prompted me to wake up with the thought of looking for ‘Julian Baggini’ (I had forgotten his name)’s quote on optimism on Saturday morning on November 1, I cannot explain. 1,222 more words

Human Evolution