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Is the world full of arseholes?

excuse my language, i usually don’t swear but i’m so angry. I’ve been raised to always think about other people first, you put other people first, you look at things from their perspective and understand things, try and make sure not to hurt people with thoughtless actions, you should always consider how another person will feel right? 160 more words

Learning About Eloise

I can’t believe I just had this experience with Eloise! I am sitting here watching her cook and she’s chatting away, moving about my kitchen like she’s always cooked in it. 1,867 more words

Şêr şêre çi jine çi mêre

Şîlan, Rosa canina- more commonly known as a wild rose. I begin this introductory blog post with my name because it forms the base to my upbringing. 510 more words


Richard Billingham

Guest Lecturer: Richard Billingham.

Today we had the pleasure of Richard Billingham coming in to talk to us.The talk lasted over two hours and i have to say i was incredibly fed up during the talk and after.Whenever an artist/photographer has come in to talk to us in the past i have always left feeling inspired.Its always nice to hear about someone eles success in the same area that you are interested in.His photographs are incredibly emotional and special to him of course but this didnt come across when he was speaking about his work.I dont know if it was because it was a difficult subject to talk about; his parents and his upbringing but there didnt seem to be any emotion or passion when he spoke about his work. 89 more words

Privileged Upbringing

“I wasn’t born with a silver spoon. We were so

poor we didn’t have any spoons, we had to drink our food.”


This thing called parenting

It is not easy to be a parent. Just as little easy it is to be a kid with parents. During my 11 years of motherhood I have developed and improved my ways. 101 more words


BINARY extract: Upbringing

She grows up in a city.

They live high above the sweat and dirt and horror that haunts most of it, in the heart of the old, proud seat of empire.

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