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31 Days of Gratitude : #10 - Upbringing

Thank God I’m not an adolescent anymore, I work with them and I am 263 more words


entrusting a teen with the King

I was very struck by God’s choice of Mary.

Not because I don’t think she was a good choice, but because she wasn’t the obvious choice. 496 more words

Blog Jots

The cultural differences in our marriage

Like I mentioned already many times, me and hubby are very similar human beings in almost everything we do. We don’t face many differences which are due to our upbringing and cultures and only a handful of those differences we face are even worth talking about, that is how insignificant they are. 640 more words

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Five things Indian parents need to teach their kids.

Recently I was reading an article in “The Week” about snob NRIs who wrinkle their nose in disgust at everything desi and uncouth.I have personally met and endured the whines of a few of that kind. 1,224 more words


what my parents taught me

my parents taught me a lot of things, but there are also things they didn’t teach me. they did not teach me their political views. they did not teach me about parties. 216 more words

Thanks to my Frankenstein Parents

Being brought up the way I was, I had a notion that every child gets what I got. A house, a home, a sibling, two working parents who quarrel at anything and everything, nevertheless a family that stays together no matter what. 1,490 more words

Are you a helicopter parent?

Two events that occurred within days of each other provoked this thought.

I had been addressing a gathering of 17 year olds in various methods to curb exam anxiety. 1,168 more words