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Reversing my upbringing and nature?

I was brought up to be kind, to think of others first and to eschew any form of ruthlessness or thrusting my own needs onto life’s table. 566 more words


What did I just say?

Earlier today I was in contact with an old colleague. We had a short chat about life. I remember mentioning something about children are not the end of ones life, they merrily adds on a dimension to life. 21 more words


No Love

Don’t hurt me.
I promise I wont speak.
I will keep the words stapled to my skull.

Don’t tell anyone.
I promise I will do everything you say. 81 more words


Anger Management

I’ve always lived with a lot of anger. It was especially high during my puberty, but it never levelled off. It’s a lot of stress living with so much anger. 772 more words


The journey begins...

1972. It was a very good year, because at last I was 18, and able to vote.

I’d spent many years before – going back, in fact, to the time of Prime Minister Diefenbaker – following the political news, paying attention to what our MPs, MPPs (provincial legislators), and city councillors were up to. 281 more words

David Lewis

Kelly and the Tantrum Incident

I have a friend who had a baby at 16. Her little girl wasn’t planned, but she decided to keep her and raise her with the help of her parents and now, 5 years later her baby is all grown up and has started school. 506 more words


Importance of Teaching Religious Tolerance to Children

Unravelling the mystery behind the word ‘God’ to children

In my childhood-I was born in a Hindu family. Religion for us was seeing our devout grandparents perform the rituals everyday early morning. 586 more words