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Maleficent and Frozen.. Child Movie Of 2014??

We have seen movies in the past of princess’ and princes’. We have watched The Muppets, Turkeys, Frozen and other characters come to life on the big screen. 476 more words


Blog #5: Newsreel

Surprise! I’m not dead!

I apologize for not posting for such a long time, but my schedule has been a little hectic lately what with the academic year almost over. 102 more words


New Books Are Better Than Reviews Anyway

Hey guys! This post is coming to you from Thursday!

Such time travel.

Much fun.

So, unfortunately I can’t write an actual review this week and there a two reasons why. 492 more words


Coming Soon: The Kid Reviews the PS3/PS4 Headset

Convinced by a pretty girl at Gamestop to buy this. My kryptonite, a pretty saleswoman.

Buried Under a Pile of Books and Work

Hello there blog readers! I just wanted to say that I am not dead; I am just buried under a pile of non-book related work that is scary and large because I succumbed to the flu for a week. 137 more words

Be Back Soon

Posts Coming to an End

The Collector and Cupid’s time here on Without Borders is coming to an end :(

The Collector will take something from his namesake and discuss his 6 Gem Systems that he loves. 60 more words

The Collector Reviews a Gem: The Nintendo 64

May be the only review to get a 5 out of 5. One of the 6 gems.