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Upcycle Shot of the Day!!!

This Hulk sculpture is made entirely of scrap metal.

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Craft Club - Meeting 2: Dream Catchers!

So, Craft Club {a club to meet fellow crafters, have a chat and try out a project} now officially meets on the first Tuesday night of every month! 735 more words


Hand Me Up; A hand-me-down stool story

Everyone needs more stools in their lives. I am always forever looking for a stool to step UP on. We got this little gem of a stool from my husband’s grandmother. 187 more words


Pain in the Burlap Sack

Ding Ding Ding. Here it is…the moment you’ve all been waiting for! A rematch between Lou AND the infamous burlap sack! Well…I’m itchy again and my living room is itchy too. 410 more words


Vom Hemd zur Bluse - Upcyle

Wie aus einem Männer-Hemd eine Girlie-Bluse wurde… Es war einmal ein verlassenes Männerhemd, das nicht mehr getragen wurde und ein Schnittmuster einer tollen Mädchenbluse von Yuki Araki. 72 more words


Tablet Book Cover

My poor nexus case was looking rather Frankenstein monster! I had already performed minor surgery with black gaffa tape but the poor  thing looked embarrassed to be seen in public…. 301 more words


Upcycle: jewellery box

So, like a lot of girls out there I have a lot of jewellery but nowhere to safely and tidily store it. Necklaces and such can get so untidy when left around on the dressing table so I decided to fix my problem. 208 more words