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I'm a Drifter | Driftwood Wreath

This one is a DIY project that gave me great joy. Usually getting the supplies is just a task. In the case of my driftwood wreath it involved combing the beach of my beloved Sherkston shores around sunset, together with my little 3-year-old helper. 350 more words


SmartRiverside Bridges the digital divide

Published Nov. 24, 2014

Joshua Wilson | Staff Writer

With the rapid growth of technology in Southern California, the forward-thinking SmartRiverside organization ventures to prove to be a valuable asset to the city’s technological expansion and to the community. 587 more words

Unwined Tidbit

Unwined Candles are a new love of mine. The aroma of gingerbread cookies is wafting through my house courtesy of my Unwined Gingerbread Man candle. Not only do these candles smell fab whether they’re lit or unlit, they are all-natural soy and made with upcycled wine bottles. 74 more words


Bringing the old back to life...

Well well well it’s been a long time since I posted on here! Since completing my Interior Design degree, I went on to work at an architectural practice for a year before taking one year maternity leave (hence why I have abandoned my blog lately!) I will be returning to work early next year, until then I hope to update this more often with little bits and pieces that I have been doing. 315 more words

Practical Beauty

Creating beautiful things from everyday items.

Coming from a family with 2 older sisters (they’re twins and they’re 11 years old than me), I’ve always felt like the baby.   293 more words

Dressed up dresser: DIY

I have a lot of stuff. Like…a whole lot. I also have a small dresser and a small walk-in closet. Therefore, for the past few years, I’ve had overflowing dresser drawers and a closet stuffed to max capacity. 515 more words

Very Crafty

We Meet Harry Dwyer!

Donna and I headed to London to interview Harry Dwyer of Aircraft Workshop and TV’s Supersized Salvage programme. If any of you caught the show, you will remember it being an epic journey to upcycle an Airbus A320 and to see if upcycling is the answer to Britain’s waste problem. 991 more words