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More Details on Slug Boy & Orcus: It's Almost There...

So remember when I said Slug Boy & Orcus: Roommates in Conflict was coming out in August? Yeah, that happened!. Turns out, as I’ve learned several times already, the final steps to get a game polished and release-ready seem to always take much more time than you think. 188 more words

Video Game

Skole og uldjakke!


Jeg har idag været oppe og forsvare min afsluttende NV-rapport (naturvidenskablig grundforløb). Det er første gang jeg har prøvet at skulle forsvare noget som helst, men det gik egentlig helt okay. 245 more words


My Process.

So considering my reading of TLOTR is going ridiculously slow nowadays (but not to worry, I still WILL get it finished by Christmas), and you probably are bored with me, I figured I could annoy you some more, by posting a post you will with a one hundred percent guarantee not care for in the slightest. 668 more words



Ahem. This is a public service announcement, only significant to this blog. 42 more words

Poetry Revisited

As Promised

I’m finally back. It took a while to get some other duties done, but that doesn’t mean I wasn’t working on the next artwork. I just couldn’t put any time to come over here and write a bit of an update. 38 more words


Let's Try This Again...

So, I realize that I have a lot of projects and plans swirling about me, so I wanted to cut things down a bit, and streamline my work. 195 more words


New Adventures

Well Hello Strangers.

As you’ve may have been aware or not, I haven’t been blogging as much or just not at all. You see i’ve been very busy these past couple of years. 154 more words