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1st Blood test update.

Thank goodness I only had to wait until around 10 O’clock to see the “no caller id” reference pop up on my phone and be told by a very happy sounding early pregnancy nurse that my blood test has come back as positive. 225 more words


Only One Way - Up

“Always relax. If you are chilled and relaxed no one and nothing out there will ever disturb you, let it be distractions, worries, mistakes or just silly moments. 973 more words


Junk Jack X 2.2.6 Thanksgiving Update is out!

Hi everyone, Apple has just approved the Junk Jack X Thanksgiving update.

This version adds the thanksgiving spirit to the game you love with new seasonal features, mobs and treasures, plus everything from the past year. 204 more words

Dear readers,

Just a brief update.

I’ve been taking this blog a lot more seriously in comparison to previous¬†blogs I have started via¬†Tumblr. I now carry a notebook around taking notes about ideas that come to mind for posts and follow-up articles, and I also have a plan. 58 more words


The start of something new.

Excuse the High School Musical reference. Anyways. Moving on.

This blog will now be a thing. A dear friend of mine who went on a previous adventure with me and Jesus (you know who you are, Kayla) encouraged me in starting a blog for this newest adventure. 110 more words


Next artwork 11/24/14

Hey guys, I was hoping to maybe even have this piece done by today. But my computer was acting out so I spend all day cleaning and fixing it. 74 more words


Feeling Left Out

Yesterday this friend of mine had a birthday party. It wasn’t anything huge, just 10-12 of us in her apartment. We ordered a pizza from a nearby pizzeria, and had an ice cream cake later on in the evening. 344 more words