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Well. That was unexpected.

So, you know how we usually have applications open for 30 days or until we sell out, whichever comes first?

Due to demand (I’m serious, we’re flooded here.) we’re going to close applications on the 10th.  59 more words

A Clockwork Spiral

Let The Voting Commence

That’s right, it’s time. I have 3 awesome entries for you to review. :)

There are 2 that are the first chapters of stories that will eventually (probably) continue and one is a one shot all on it’s own. 90 more words

Kelpie Fanfiction

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Go!! Read.. There might be some of the authors who submitted entries you may know of....

Actively Waiting

This past month has been so much fun! July always seems to be a time of rest and with rest comes a renewal in conquering one’s ambitions. 561 more words


Making the most of it

For the past few weeks I have been thinking about this blog. About how I never update and if I did update, what to write about? 376 more words


003. Questions

Bryson sat in the uncomfortable chair which seemed ergonomically designed to fuck up your back in the short time you were its prisoner. The man he had come to see smiled a mirthless serpent smile – yes, this was staged. 382 more words


002. The Network Handler

He hated dealing with these old farts who had been retired out of the service – they seemed to lose all sense of how to act; they got lax, and didn’t think very much in terms of security. 420 more words


Episode 29: Kind Bathrooms

A brand new episode ready to go! Although life has been a bit hectic the past couple of months, Ciara and I are very happy to have listeners each week. 59 more words