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If you are going to be a fuckwit then you should make sure that you are the kind of fuckwit that you are going to enjoy being, because after long enough of trotting out that act no one is going to expect much else from you, or care too much if there is anything else worth digging for. 381 more words



I can proudly say that draft 3 of INTENSIVE is done! I’m gonna let it sit till October while I work on the sequel and outline for the 3rd book. 42 more words

~Writing Is My Life~

Unproductive Week

A very good morning to everybody!! :D *inserts sun emoji*

I think it has became a routine for me to blog every weekend to tell you about my week, just a brief description. 792 more words


We meet again!

Well hello there everyone!!! It has been quite some time since I have last posted on here, and let me tell you what an adventure it has been since last time. 738 more words


Hi guys!

I have been thinking for a little while now that I actually want to start proper proper blogging. I don’t actually have any idea what I’ll be writing about, but you know… I will have loads of time soon (hopefully) to think about this, and hopefully stuff that I would be writing about would be interesting for some people out there. 894 more words

Yet Another Spelunky Mod Update 1.8.1

This update includes bug fixes and new features. The YASM configuration tool has also been updated, so overwrite the old one, then run it to enable the new options. 308 more words


New Camera, New Look

Kind of an update video…. New Camera!!