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Migration to the Red Lodge - first the Indian spirits, then the Animal spirits, now the Lwa

At the Red Lodge first the spirits of the Native Americans who once lived here. Then the spirits of the animals now dead but reincarnated and preserved in their bones wanted to migrate over there, “far away from the road”, which is i say as a blessing when i see a critter killed along the road. 197 more words


Knock Knock - Something Came Knocking at the door to the Red Lodge Tonight

I was chilling at the Red Lodge last night when for about 2 hours something came knocking at the door, knock knock. I thought it was the wet snow now melting falling from the trees but it was always in twos, the number of the Devil, knock knock. 391 more words


Twice Around the Block

By end of last year Loki was instructing me how to do the visual exercises right. The first session with Himself was long. Loki had incredible amount of patience with me. 473 more words


Deity and the Divine - Introduction to Angrboda

I think I shall be using the third week of each month’s Pagan Experience to talk about Angrboda, based solely on my own experiences with Her, and my research. 2,705 more words

Search terms: some quick hits

From time to time, it’s interesting to see how people arrive at my site – if it’s not from a Facebook link, it’s often from a search term. 583 more words

This is Not a Satanicke Altar at the Red Lodge, well maybe.......

In a previous post I have posted photographs from the Red Lodge. Here are some more. It is late at night for me so the pictures and videos will have little or no explanation. 147 more words