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Dust On The Road

Loki may say different, He revealed the numerous ways and days He was pursuing a connection with me. I remember those incidents, however it is the month of May I’ve first came in contact with Himself. 654 more words


I Enjoy the Fire

So it’s been a couple months. I’ve “forgiven” Loki. I told him one year before I’d do any real work with him, and I plan to at least sort of stick to that. 576 more words

In Between

By end of May Loki came in the sort of a dream. Half way woken I found Him in my bed.
I usually go to sleep 3AM and get up around 7AM to feed our cats. 232 more words


The Three Souls

I first came across this concept through Starhawk and I thought it was a normal part of Wiccan practice.  It never dawned on me that it was something else so when I saw we would cover them in Black Rose I thought it would be a cake walk for me.   812 more words

Black Rose

UPG - Unsubstantiated Personal Gnosis

Firstly, I feel the need to apologise. As we reach the pointy end of the Pagan Blog Project, I’m struggling for ideas. ‘U’? Really? Damn, why does that need to be in the alphabet? 1,877 more words

Mental Meandering

Bottle & Song

When we eat I always invite Loki. I cook almost every day and never forget, but otherwise I don’t make much fuzz about food offerings. He gets mostly coffee, sometimes a drink, sometimes a piece of chocolate. 262 more words