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Tiptoe among the Tulips, I mean Heathens

So I signed up for a Asatru/Heathen group on Facebook, and I was reading thru their long list of rules, which hey, I do appreciate it when the rules are specifically laid out- and that is well-moderated. 743 more words

Celtic Reconstructionism

Artemis and Sexism

I came across a pin a last week or the week before, from someone about Artemis.  For some reason, it’s still with me, and I don’t get why.   1,649 more words

On Frigga | Wytch of the North

She is known as Frigga, which means Beloved—but she also has a personal name, one not known to many, one seldom spoken even by Her husband, but carried as a talisman close to Her heart. 208 more words


Heartcleft road – Gna’s Story part 2

Part 2: Heimdall’s Seven

My steed and I left no traces in the snow as we departed. Mary Arden’s dead body lay behind me; Asgard and my friends just a short ride away through the skies. 1,827 more words

Deities & Wights

Discussion of Immersive Polytheism, and Other Fun Things

This is my own (and very first!) video response to Camilla Laurentine’s latest!  I may have a transcript up here later this evening, or tomorrow, depending upon my schedule and other time constraints.   1,596 more words


Personal UPG of the Star Goddess of Sirius-B from 12 June 1986 from the Archives of ZAXON Publishing

On 12 June 1986 I have a three part UPS, each part lasting about 3 hours, from morning to noon to midnight, of the revealing to me of my own UPG of a Star Goddess connected with Sirius-B. 356 more words


The Serpent

Lately I’ve been thinking about Jormungandr, the deity I relate to as my father and how I see him thanks to several other people’s writings on the subject. 552 more words

Relationships With Gods