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COC Facebook page Delete

My New Cloud Server

I worked on my pc and my Apprentice in FLA worked on his pc to try to tweak he COC page but all i ended up doing was creating a sub page like the ones that used to be up for Dr Frederick LaMotte Santee, Lady Phoebe Athena Nimue and Dame Sybil Leek. 320 more words

COC Activities

Doc Santee's Gallatea then, and My Manniken of Many Names Now

If you want the “then” story, read my book. If you want the “now” story, call or email me.

Doc Santee’s Gallatea at the entrance to the original Coven of the Catta Covenstead Temple. 144 more words

COC Writings

Heartcleft road – Gna’s Story part 3

Part 3: The Empty –

Hooves pounded behind as I jumped off the Cliff of Heaven, finally free from Heimdall’s Seven. Air became solid under my feet, for I ran as only Sky Maidens can… 1,432 more words

Deities & Wights

Coming to the Crossroads - Part I

In this series of posts, I will share salient aspects of the story of how I came to find the Goddess Hekate and ultimately pledge myself to Her service. 1,163 more words


Tiptoe among the Tulips, I mean Heathens

What, me fluffy? (Photo of bunny rabbit in Viking helmet & shield.

So I signed up for a Asatru/Heathen group on Facebook, and I was reading thru their long list of rules, which hey, I do appreciate it when the rules are specifically laid out- and that is well-moderated. 743 more words

Celtic Reconstructionism

Artemis and Sexism

I came across a pin a last week or the week before, from someone about Artemis.  For some reason, it’s still with me, and I don’t get why.   1,649 more words

On Frigga | Wytch of the North

She is known as Frigga, which means Beloved—but she also has a personal name, one not known to many, one seldom spoken even by Her husband, but carried as a talisman close to Her heart. 208 more words