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The Twelve Protocols, III

It is that time of year again, in which I revisit the list of Protocols given to me by Apollon.  This self-assessment gets easier with each passing year, as do most of the Protocols themselves.   898 more words

Divine Communion

your Godphone is okay

Today’s post is begat by some “never trust your godphone, it takes years to develop” type posts floating around on the interwebs. I’m not picking on anyone in particular because I can’t even tell you which one I saw, just that it annoyed me into telling a friend that I felt like that attitude is demeaning and that telling someone to disbelieve all their UPG is to undermine their trust and relationship in the Divine. 498 more words


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So, I have a lot of thoughts on this topic, because I, too, am wary of the tendency to shut people - especially newbies - down, just when they're trying to learn the really important stuff. It's not ready for prime-time yet, but I'm working on some posts about trance work, and one of the things I explore there is the idea that there's a VERY big difference between discouraging a person from trying to speak TO the Gods, and discouraging a person from trying to speak FOR the Gods. As a spiritual community, we do need both. However, everyone should be able to speak with the Gods, both speaking TO them, and trusting themselves to listen. What should take more time, more training, and more ethical boundaries is who the community allows to serve *others* on that basis. Should you trust your own UPG? HEL YES! Should you share your UPG with others? Sure. Should you teach your UPG? Mmm, maybe, maybe not. Give it time. See how it adds up in the bigger picture. And whatever you do, don't expect that your UPG is the final word, the most important voice. We're polytheists - there's never only one voice in our world. --Ember--

All in the Family (30 Days of Deity Devotion 5, 6 & 7)

To summarise today’s overly-detailed ramblings: Bhéarra is not one of the Tuatha De Danann. She has a sister over the bay in Dingle, called Duibhne/Dovinia, for whom a tribe is named. 782 more words


Nature Awareness: An Cailleach Strikes Again!

The week’s stress comes to a head on Sundays, and the call from the forest is strongest then.  Come dance with the trees!  Come lose yourself in the quiet!   291 more words


I am a child of the Earth, and here to experience all things.

UPG And Inspiration

Whoa! Oaxaca (wa-ha-ca)

Do you ever have that feeling where you realize how great God is and how truly useless you are without Him? That is exactly how I felt preparing for and since our trip to an unreached village in Oaxaca. 811 more words

Battle of the UPG

Recently I found myself in a situation where my UPG did not line up with that of a friend. It was over something ridiculous and that doesn’t matter much. 584 more words