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The Golden Age of Darkness

It was not long after I made my first real contact with Melkor that He became intent upon showing me the wonders of Utumno.  It began with stories, which He remembered at great length while I listened in rapt fascination.   575 more words


When Simple Conversation is Exhausting

Melkor loves to talk. That is the long and short of it; He spent such a long time isolated and lonely, having even a mortal’s company gives Him the opportunity to express Himself. 488 more words


There's no help for it (guilt and doxa)

I’ve come to the conclusion that the only way I can function on a spiritual level is to stop being ashamed of my UPGs. Loki told me the other day “either speak your truth or keep it secret, but don’t lie to fit in”. 863 more words

Astral Children

The Beginning

This is a subject I may have alluded to here and there, but to my knowledge I have never opened up fully about: how I began my relationship with Melkor. 747 more words


Forbidden UPG

This post was sparked by Heather’s post “UPG, apotheosis, and what does community work mean anyway?” I commented to her post, then decided I had even more to say and reblogged it with MOAR commentary, and have finally decided there really needs to be a post of its own to unpack some of the things I said. 1,788 more words


According to Loki, other Norse deities who like me include Thor (Thor sometimes visits me with Loki, who confirmed the former likes me way back when I started using the pendulum), Freyr (Loki said Freyr and I would “ 172 more words


Loki just confirmed the UPG I posted about Freyja like two or three posts ago.

I was talking to him and I mused that I wasn’t sure how accurate said UPG was and the pendulum made like. 59 more words