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Visions of Vanaheim: Book Review

Visions of Vanaheim by Nornoriel Lokason

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V of V was previously published in 2009 under the name Svartesol, in its new edition it has been greatly expanded with information gained from the author (and others’) personal spiritual experiences astrally travelling to Vanaheim. 543 more words


The Ravens

There are ravens living in my neighbourhood. They’ve been hanging out around my backyard, flying over me when I’m in the yard and I can hear their different calls almost daily. 671 more words



GENDER: Masculine
USAGE: Welsh, English
PRONOUNCED: TRE-vər (English)
Meaning & History
From a surname which was originally from a place name meaning “big village” from Welsh tref “village” and mawr “large”. 154 more words

UPG And Inspiration

Pagan Blog Project: "U" Is For UPG, Emphasis on "Unverifiable"

Ah, the joys of paganism, eh?  Plenty of attractive ooky-spooky? No one “book” to make it all “real” for everyone, eh?  One of the things I relish, to be honest.   1,140 more words

Paganism & Rationalism

Changing focus, moving on.

One day I’ll manage to maintain a blog regularly!
So this year has been a bit hectic, I’ve had a very long spiritual slump, my studies got heavily disrupted thanks to my, now ex, supervisor, my household is just stressed in general because reasons. 387 more words


Old Videos taken by cell phone but now able to upload

I;m not sure why i blog post because i can see 250 a day look at posts here and maybe 50 at the COC blog. But only maybe 2 people in the US and 4 people in England Germany Switzerland seem to be reading and commenting. 99 more words


A Proper Introduction to the Dark Court

**I should note that I have yet to meet the Court in its entirety.  There are some members, such as five of the six original dragons, the majority of the Lesser Balrogs, and many Wolves that I know nothing about.  1,281 more words