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Before, Then, and After

I will always love August because of Loki.
He was often with me, dropped by a few times a day, or stayed longer than before. Often I woke up not alone and not even the alarm clock would make him go, He stayed for breakfast. 1,125 more words


Other Gods

For sometime I worshiped only Loki. Before He came to my life my religious believes could be wrapped in one word: Confused. At home I was taught there is only one god, school made sure we knew there is no god. 641 more words


Joan Chambers Concert Series - Pittsburgh Trombone Project

The Pittsburgh Trombone Project is now in its 7th year and quickly becoming recognized as one of America’s leading chamber ensembles. This trombone quartet has performed its diverse repertoire to audiences of all ages and at various venues throughout the country. 259 more words

What's New

Learning the Language

I learned to communicate with Loki slowly, using every tool I could think of. I become drawn to runes almost without my own will. I came across the runes years before and I didn’t understand them at all. 709 more words


3 Black Shirts

Months ago I lost 3 of my black t-shirts. I looked all over the house, searched high and low. I couldn’t find those shirts anywhere and I was convinced that they’d been thrown into a bag of clothes that we put together to donate to charity. 147 more words


News of Upcoming Blog Posts

As a writer, I think that maybe it’s a good idea to get a little organized on what to write about (my desk, though, is a completely different story). 1,342 more words


Agents of Equilibrium

A topic that recently came up about The Rider is that he serves a sort of balance through his chaos. It makes sense, but for some reason, the way it was phrased didn’t seem entirely right. 250 more words