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Throwback to Thankful

It has been a while since I’ve published a blog. A long while. A stressful while. An overwhelming while. A while that has been punctuated with moving, balancing three jobs and student life, and adapting to seeing my family irregularly at best. 705 more words

30 Days Of Thankful

DMR's International Poetry Contest

Dreams Made Real is having a Poetry contest. The cost is $25 per poem. Here are the submission guidelines!

Just Me

Monday Blues

Good morning everyone. It’s Monday and I have a little secret for you to get the Monday blues to go away.

When I wake up and never ready to get up. 81 more words

Shock & Awe

I’ve never really gotten into social media. Today I decided to really give it a try. As with everything else there is good and bad but it would seem that, with social media, there is more stupid than anything else. 89 more words


Holy Mathematics, Batman

I keep hearing,

from different people,

that the world is gonna end.

I’m not somuch afraid of that–

the world’s been ending,

very slowly, for a long time– 43 more words


Why We All Need to STOP Proving Ourselves

I watch a lot of competitive cooking shows. A lot. So much so that if I were to meet Alton Brown I’m sure he would know who I am. 495 more words