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It's Okay Not to Be Okay (Cliche, I Know, But a Truth)

One of the hardest things in my life that I have dealt with is swallowing my pride. To admit something got me.

To say something hurt me. 228 more words

This Thing Called Connection...

Connection is all there is, nothing else matters.

This past Wednesday was my birthday! I love birthday’s, possibly a little more than most adults, maybe not but possibly (wink). 881 more words

Soul Writing

Stranger in the Night

Stranger in the night

He comes to me in my dreams
Is in all my tomorrow’s or so it seems
This stranger of the night… 99 more words

Sunday Fiction: Terminus

Author’s Note: This fiction was written as part of the Sirius Writing Challenge. I accepted a challenge from Rational Humanist87 to write a short fiction about who or what might be around to witness the end of the Earth. 3,607 more words



Earlier in the week USA today reported on the “pay it forward” chain at a Starbucks in St. Petersburg, FL. It is so great to see strangers doing something kind for one another. 240 more words

Approval from God/Source?

“Source does not just approve of you, source ADORES you!”

Abraham Hicks, 23/8 2014

Abraham Hicks

You Are Meant To Fly

When we lived in Ontario, there was a family attraction that had a mini-zoo where the kids could learn a little more about the animals. The kids loved going there to see your typical barnyard animals and even some lions that they had. 434 more words