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1, 2, 3, Go Move-Upper Body Moves for those of us who sit

Hey friends!

Today I just want to share one video in a series┬áthat we made originally for students taking my health courses. We focus a lot on movement–especially natural movement. 392 more words


Weight Training for Runners

Weight training for runners must concentrate on developing the muscles of legs, abs, arms, chest and back. Let us discuss in detail the various weight training for runners regimens. 551 more words

Weight Management

Upper Body - Pulleys

For my upper body workout today, I decided to use pulleys!
I used a rope pulley and triangle handles for this workout, as well as a barbell. 46 more words


Day Twelve

She sat on my bed, clad in only a leopard print bra, waiting for my reaction. I eyed her hungrily, but I ached to take that off her chest. 14 more words

Upper Body

Broken Foot

So I may have broken my foot at Kelvingrove Skatepark on Wednesday. All activities now are restricted to activities that don’t utilise the left foot in any weight bearing form. 121 more words

Day Eleven

In the light that barely entered the room, her breasts looked the nicest. Of all her body, I worshiped those two breasts. The biggest breasts I had ever seen, but the most innocent. 42 more words

Upper Body