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How Rich is Rich?

Flashback to southeastern Kentucky: I watched a gaunt young man eating a big plate of biscuits and red eye gravy. His long beard twitched up and down and snow white biscuit crumbs got hung up in it’s wiry fibers. 470 more words


Library Life

To work at a library, where books are so carefully preserved and cared for; Hestin could think of no better position in the world, apart from being fully recognised as the skilled and powerful wizard that he was… 697 more words


What is so bad about Aleister Crowley

Freeman Fly, October 2014

William Ramsey joins us for a discussion of the life and times of Aleister Crowley. http://freemantv.com/wrong-aleister-c…
What turned him to the dark side and how is his pandemic influence affecting our 21st century world? 50 more words

Pure Evil

The Rich Lady

I’ve gradually become wealthy through very little fault of my own. Does this mean I have to declare moral bankruptcy? This is the question.

Over the weekend my sweetheart and I bought a second-hand chair – nicely worn, solid wood and leather, stuffed with down – for $549. 238 more words


Virgin Atlantic Experience?

Date: 7th October 2014; Flight: VS200; Time:10:35pm Class: Upper Class; Destination: Hong Kong

Check in: quick – Virgin Atlantic colleague on the floor offered us to check into free desk at premium economy. 336 more words


Is cleanliness an upper class notion and filthiness an inalienable companion of 'half-human' poors?


As Narendra Modi sets off his ambitious Clean India mission aimed at cleaning India completely by October 2019, the nation embarks upon one of its most radical nation-wide campaign after independence. 1,019 more words


Tipping Should Be Abolished

Tipping should have come obsolete a long time ago.

Unless we were to follow the footsteps of the guy from 3rd From the Sun that I recall from an episode where he sat at a restaurant table and told the waiter that he would place a series of $1 bills on the table and the waiter would see the pile decline or grow based on the service he provided.  1,136 more words

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