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Confession Time: 15 Popular Movies I've Never Seen

I see more movies than the average person, but probably less than a psychotic person, but every so often someone will find a movie I haven’t seen and hold it over my head like it’s my job to have seen every film ever created.   1,181 more words


Netflix Has Silently Killed Their Saturday DVD Deliveries

I’m someone who still gets discs from Netflix. I like getting movies that aren’t available for streaming, but aren’t high enough on my list to purchase at the store. 414 more words


This Week In Netflix And Streaming: Louis CK And ‘The Raid 2′

It’s time now for the Internet’s most beloved Netflix streaming column – the incoherent ramblings of a SUBJECT MATTER EXPERT. We’ll have the newly released freebie (well, subscription based) offerings as well as a few you’d have to throw a few dollar bills at via Google or Amazon or iTunes. 23 more words


Announcing The Launch Of WITH SPANDEX, The Official UPROXX Pro Wrestling Portal

You’re going to love this announcement if you’re one of two people:

1. You love all the pro wrestling content at With Leather, and wish it was all collected in one place. 129 more words


the weekest links: week 15

will we ever make it to week 52? THREE weeks into summer, and we haven’t let you down!

abstract: we haven’t quit our summer jobs, we really like frasier, too many fashion articles, the word “puto”, and Leo Dan. 615 more words


Netflix Wants To Make A New ‘Star Trek’ Series Happen

[A]pparently it’s in the form of Netflix sending CBS an email saying “Hey, this Trek thing seems to be a big deal, how about we do a new series?” The main problem seems really to be over at Paramount: CBS and Viacom both hold some of the Star Trek rights… but they’re technically two different companies with two different CEOs who, by all accounts, absolutely hate each other. 68 more words