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The ABCs of March, Part Five

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U: Upstream Color (2013)

A lot of us know about Shane Carruth through his first feature,  2,599 more words

The Wonderful World Of Crap

4 On 1 Review: Contains 50% Bathtubs

Upstream Color (2013)

A man and a woman (Shane Carruth, Amy Seimetz) try to uncover the mystery behind their scars, their amnesia-like symptoms, their identity crises. 502 more words


Up 'n' Under - a new wave of cinematic sci-fi?

In the last year two films have appeared that have seemed visionary, movies which feel utterly distinctive and separate from one another, but which share a strange and encouraging connective tissue. 1,228 more words

Science Fiction

D: Movie #34 - Upstream Color

D: Sometimes it’s just all too much. This film is the epitome of that statement for me. It’s smarter, artsier, better and more complex then I can ever hope to be. 91 more words


An Upstream Color Review of Some Sort and Extended Thoughts

Upstream Color (2013) is the second feature by the singular focus, but many hatted Shane Carruth, who has written, directed, produced, acted in, and composed the score for both the features he has put out so far. 1,980 more words