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Upwards: Learning Appreciation

If you’re looking for reading material for Pesach, look no further than Upwards,  by Shami Reinman - the personal account of a woman’s battle with Parkinson’s that will give you a whole new level of appreciate for everything you have in life. 272 more words


Mr Bean loses the job & turns 23!

Okay so my last shift went a little like this.

I locked myself in the bin shed outside for half an hour putting the bottles in the bin. 846 more words


Family Fun

Hi guys, thanks for stopping by. Today, I will begin by telling you that I had so much fun over this past weekend. I went first of all on Saturday to watch my niece and nephew play in the UPWARDS games. 657 more words


Past storm clouds

Here is just a post of storm clouds…Kind of cool. Dark stormy clouds means a maybe chance of rain… Then again it could just separate and be normal…

Noble Things

In a negative world we are always inspired by noble things and noble people.  They stand out. They make us look up higher than we normally look.   284 more words


To believe or Not to believe...

I heard the funniest thing, this morning as they interviewed the Netherlands speed skating coach. Winning 22 medals. The American reporter was asked do you in Netherlands believe that the under armour suits are the reason why the skaters lost and didn’t get any medals? 67 more words

Big Tub

Ok how would you like to have a tub this big? Sure would take up space and you’ll have it for a long time:)You could share it with your friends and neaibors .heck share with the whole block of the neiborhood:)(It’s not real)