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Softening Into  

A simple stirring, a whisper

Moves over your skin,

Soft as shadow,

You rise.

The bones in your back crack

As you stretch


Break off the night… 36 more words


The Only Way Is Up, Or......It Was!

On January 1st I had such wonderful plans for 2015, and yet here I am; 11 days in, with a lovely red-shaded inflammation crawling down my right arm, thanks to an unknown insect deciding I resembled lunch. 257 more words


Welcoming in the New Year :)

Happy New Year all!

I know…so late…my bad with the lack of blog posts – I have been so busy since Christmas Eve that I really haven’t had time to be posting, and now I am back at university and truly thrust into the middle of it all with a crazy amount of deadlines and work to be getting on with, not to forget the minor stress of having to make some pretty huge life decisions in the next few weeks/  months with regards to what I am going to be doing after graduation. 368 more words

Three For 2014 (2014)

1. Success.
2. Upwards.
3. So much the better.
And more to be seen-
In the year of 2015.


The Difference Between Time and It's Loss

If I see a bird flying and wish to fly I will stand still, waiting to fly.

If I see a bird flying and hope to fly I will walk through my life in search of flight. 22 more words