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I could teach those ancients a thing or two

My seven-year-old was learning how the Romans borrowed the concept of the gods from the Greeks, but had changed the gods’ names. She noticed that many of them shared their names with planets. 116 more words

Kids Say The Funniest Things


Overcoming doubt
Celestial clouds part ways
Uranus laughing

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Targets for the week of 9/14/2014

This post is hopefully going to be the first of many, assuming I can keep up. I honestly don’t know how people like David Fuller have the energy to do what they do online. 747 more words


Uranus in the 9th House: The Futuristic Philosopher

Astrologically, the 9th house is where we form our worldview. It’s the terrain where we take our life experience and form a philosophy, or a belief system about how life works. 270 more words

Hip Hop Astrology

Fishing for Dim Objects

August 26, 2014 was a good night to observe the skies.Not only were the skies clear, the Moon was at its new phase. That meant the sky would be extra dark that night. 556 more words


2017 and my Stellium

Hello again! I took a long break which was mostly comprised of me fretting about whether there was any point to this blog and if it made me look douchey (I blame my natal Saturn squaring my ascendant for this, which I will write more on in a later post). 1,048 more words


The Seven Wonders of the Solar System


Some suggestions for a superlative list of solar system wonders.

My list off the top of my head:

1. Saturn’s rings
2. Jupiter’s red spot… 27 more words