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NASA releases actual recordings from space

No one may be able to hear you scream in space, but that whole great, black abyss miles above our heads is just teeming with noises.

via Consequence of Sound.


The sounds of ice... in space

In space, no one can hear you scream… right? Well, the planets – and their icy rings! – make their voices heard in this eerie compilation of “Space Sounds” recorded by the… 30 more words


Episode 208: False Flagstaff

Hi there, welcome to Episode 208 in a series of 1000 podchats with Ben Pobjie & Cam Smith. In this edition we took topics from Twitter. 297 more words

Fireside Chats

When Teachable Moment Arrive With a Bang, Look to Uranus and 16/7

Some things bear repeating: When shocking, unexpected things happen, look for Uranus or the number 16/7 in your charts. Here’s a tale from my own life that may make this more understandable.  1,438 more words


Sanırım Beni Yıldırım Çarptı!

Uranüs gezegenini tek bir kelime ile tanımlayacak olsaydım kesinlikle “yıldırım” derdim veya “şok”. Evet Uranüs gerçekten yaşamımızda en şok edici etkileri aldığımız noktaya işaret eder ve haritamızda bulunduğu ev hangi noktada en radikal tarafımızı ortaya koyduğumuzu gösterir.  2,109 more words


Venus in Opposition to Uranus

The planet Venus rules relationships, love, money and being social. Uranus rules changes and the unexpected. When two planets are 180 degrees apart they are in opposition to one another. 110 more words


Word Worry

While I’m busy changing the name of the Columbus Day holiday, there are some other words I need to fix.

The name of the planet Uranus is one. 373 more words

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