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Astro Weather - April 18th 2014

Tomorrow the Moon in Sagittarius squares the separating conjunction of Venus and Neptune and trines Uranus throughout the day. As the Moon continues to move through Sagittarius in the evening the aspect with Neptune drops away. 135 more words

Pluto Opposing Jupiter & Mars Opposing Uranus - 2014 Quantum Potential

As we will reiterate said at RH , it’s all in the stars.

This heralds the  power of One we speak about, the Magic Time or as the Aborigines say “The Dream Time” 70 more words


Science is Not As Easy As You Think: Underdetermination Edition

What I’m about to claim will probably either come as a shock or confirm long-held suspicions: the scientific method—that system of coming up with and then experimentally testing hypotheses that we learned in middle school—is… 718 more words

Pop Philosophy

Grand Cardinal Cross - Super Charge Me

On 21st April 2014 the Moon kick starts a rare and powerful alignment known as a Grand Cardinal Cross which has been slowly locking Mars… 85 more words

New Age

Mercury-Uranus Aspects: Here Comes The Brand new Flava in Ya Ear

When Mercury and Uranus hook up in a natal chart,  innovative thought which seeks to release itself from the straight jacket of convention is highlighted. 363 more words

The unconventional ways of my stargazing !!

After shifting back to the city my stargazing is looking more like a passing hobby. Now n then i stumble upon something interesting in the night skies, gape at them and move on with the busy schedules. 282 more words

Stargazer At Work

What You Need to Know This Spring

I have been reading this post about the upcoming Grand Cardinal Cross. Now, I am no astrologer, but when something resonates as truth, it’s truth. So read this article. 380 more words