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2014 August 19th

I thought I would look for some Solar System objects. Comet Jacques (C/2014 E2) has made its way to Cassiopeia and it was quite easy to find. 202 more words


Embrace Your Inner Aphrodite

I am being called to awaken some divine feminine energy in my social media circle. The message is loud and clear that the time for… 558 more words


Leo Calls a Party this Week (…and you’re invited!)

Wow, is Leo the happening place in the cosmos this week!  Leo, symbolically known as the roaring lion, is throwing a party and all the creatures of the cosmic jungle (aka, planets) are invited.  573 more words


BiWheel Analysis of Robin Williams' Death Event Horoscope

Transiting Saturn was traversing Williams’ Ascendant (during May) along with making direct hits to Williams’ natal Mars/Uranus conjunction in his 8th House. These testimonies indicate a period where he was coerced by necessity to penetrate to the depths of the darker aspects of his complex personality structure – SHADOW – which is a frightening experience for many, but that is what this is all about. 148 more words

Storms on Uranus Observed From Hawaii

Wrapped in an atmosphere tinted pale blue by high-altitude methane, Uranus has occasionally been observed to develop large storms in its frigid windy skies. NASA’s Voyager 2 saw a few small storm clouds spotting Uranus during its… 91 more words

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July 14, 2004 - How big is Uranus?

Every month the lesson plans for NOVA kids change. This month’s topic is outer space. The senior class (9-12 years old) is learning the names of planets and comparison words. 28 more words

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10 Fascinating Facts About Our Solar System

While we all remember some facts about the solar system—that there are nine planets, for example (at least until scientists changed their minds)—there are many lesser-known tidbits that many people do not know. 1,151 more words