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Uranus, The Planet of Genius

Uranus is where you find a person’s whack-a-do, where conformity is a painful crutch or decidedly impossible. The house and sign of your Uranus tells where you have vision, stifled or celebrated. 219 more words


Trivia Tuesday #1

Trying out something new!

Okay, I like random facts and weird trivia. I like learning new things that aren’t necessarily needed in everyday life. But who cares!? 130 more words


The Flora Effect: Cataclysmic Events on Behr

The following Notes from the Editor are excerpted from the Preface to the Revised Edition of Dr. Martin Behr’s seminal work, The End of Marriage: A Guide to the Universe… 1,008 more words


Looking Ahead: The Final Big Uranus-Pluto Transit (1)

We are now approaching the last big Uranus-square-Pluto transits of the 2011-2016 series. Uranus will square Pluto exactly on 15th December, and again on 17th March 2015. 1,893 more words


My Thoughts on Uranus

I’ll admit it–I’m a bureaucrat. A federal bureaucrat. I’m not some fancy ad-man in a pinstripe suit on Madison Avenue.

Still, I know a thing or two about language. 159 more words


More of the Moon / Cancer / 4th house and Uranus / Aquarius / 11th house Feminist connection

Continuing my investigations into the connections between dominant feminist figures and relations in their natal charts between Moon / Cancer / 4th house and Uranus / Aquarius / 11th house, here are some additional examples: 261 more words