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Weird Wool Wednesday 2: socks at noon?

Today has somehow become all about finishing the socks.

I haven’t showered yet, I haven’t done anything useful. (No wait, I did put out the bins)(and shared some mackerel with the cat)(and cleaned up cat vomit 20 minutes later) 355 more words


Please stand by

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Photography Everyday

Stop the Roc

“Buildings, cities, and furnishings each have a human appearance. They speak of the life that passes through them. There is nothing abstract in their existences and thus the human figures that emerge with all their defects and particularities are substantiations of reality.” 69 more words


Rediscovering Birmingham

We escaped the small market town in Warwickshire that has become our home for the nearest big city in search of urban inspiration. Against all odds the Belge and I have become city slickers, being somewhere busy is oddly comforting. 65 more words

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