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Jacksonville-Baldwin Trail

Since we bought bikes in June, we’ve taken them out for a decent ride exactly once, when we rode about two miles into Downtown to the… 660 more words


I Live in a Korean Time Loop

So, Monday mornings in Korea are pretty sloppy, right? They’re when you’re biking your morning commute, swerving around dried patches of soju vomit and ducking under the incoming loogies from the gang of… 1,304 more words


Cycling around Kuala Lumpur

I have to admit, before I started to cycle in the city, just looking at the traffic and the many lanes in Kuala Lumpur was enough to scare me witless on how to survive on the road with a bicycle. 615 more words

Life - Unrated

Why we love Philosophy bags

If you’ve ever visited the shop looking for panniers, you’ve probably heard us talk about the Philosophy Bag Co. brand. We’ve stocked their panniers and backpacks for the last four years and have sold several to bicyclists looking for beautiful, functional cargo management. 262 more words


Helmets Wars – Missing the Point

In the U.S., most “responsible” cyclists wear helmets, yet when I cycle in Europe or Japan, I see many cyclotourists who ride without helmets. The Europeans or Japanese don’t seem like dare-devils or poorly informed. 1,154 more words

Cycling Safety

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A much recycled and repeated debate. This article is a usefully dispassionate take on it. Personally I wear a helmet when I perceive the risk of injury to be higher. This is either because I'm riding on road where pedestrians and people driving cars will do unpredictable things that I may not be able to avoid, or mountain biking when I'm out to ride fast and jump things. I often don't wear a helmet off road (sometimes on the same trails) if I'm riding with different intent and more slowly.  On tour I very rarely wear a helmet unless required to by law.

Biked to Coney Island

It was a glorious 16 mile trip: gliding down Manhattan Riverside Park, a harrowing ride across Brooklyn Bridge (the only divider between cyclists and pedestrians is a painted line… and there are a lot of tourist pedestrians who, unbeknownst to laws of the urban jungle, dare to step in the way of speeding cyclists), venturing across Downtown Brooklyn to Prospect Park, and cruising from Ave A-Z via Ocean Parkway right into the Atlantic Ocean. 75 more words