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California White: An Eggcellent Chicken for Urban Settings

Whether you have acres or a small backyard, chicken keepers are always searching for a great egg laying breed.  Sure, temperament comes into play.  Some folks may make decisions based on egg color, but for my money… when it comes to selecting an egg laying breed, California White is the one that I keep coming back to. 413 more words

All Creatures

The good life?

I love eggs. That’s a good place to start right? I didn’t love eggs as a child (a vegetarian child at that). This is going a bit David Copperfield but bear with me – it is going somewhere. 255 more words

Backyard Chickens

Our First Egg!

It’s always an amazing gift, eggs. Each one is such a wonder, a miracle, a connection to things beyond ourselves.

But the first egg. After giving away our layers the beginning of August. 205 more words


What happens in Reno, should likely stay in Reno!

As a child my parents would take a trip to Reno almost yearly.  I never understood why they chose Reno over Vegas.  You never really hear much about Reno.   1,175 more words