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A Good Egg

“And a big white hen standing on one leg. And under the hen was a quiet egg,” a line from one of our most treasured board books, … 97 more words

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10 Life Lessons I Learned from my Chickens

As someone who grew up with chickens (my parents raised them for both meat and eggs), chicken chores fell on my shoulders.  Sure, while my friends were watching TV or riding their bikes, I was cleaning out nest boxes, gathering eggs, and carrying buckets of feed to refill the feeders.  384 more words

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Transition Matters

I’ll immediately apologize to my readers that don’t live in my town, for this post is strictly about events and groups that are inherently ‘local’. Feel free to move on, but I hope you’ll keep reading anyway- I’ve tried to make it interesting to everyone, really.  476 more words

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Backyard Chickens

Just a few photos from my backyard flock. I have a post series planned about how I went-and-lost-my-mind, and now-I-have-chickens.

Edna – soon to be the roo who goes to live with Nanny. 39 more words

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Third Hen Laying!

And just like that! Mildred, the easter egger, laid her first egg! A blue one! That’s three hens out of eight laying!


Second Hen Laying!

Our eight Ladies have been doing some fake-out egg laying celebrations. For those of you that don’t know, when a hen lays an egg, she and all the other gals have a “song” that they sing to celebrate. 303 more words


Homesteading update: eggs

Let me catch you up on the chickens.

In short, they’ve grown up. Sometime in July, Goldie layed her first egg. She graced it upon our neighbor who was chicken-tending during our… 413 more words

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