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6 Benefits of Raising Your Own Chicken.

After massive egg recalls and appalling videos of the inside of chicken farms, the idea of raising your own chickens has quickly caught on.  It’s not just for the farms or owners with big plots of land anymore.   517 more words

Raising Chickens In The City: A Neighborhood Affair

Moving from our house in northern Durham back to downtown Durham was a difficult decision. We were living on an acre that backed up to a state park. 637 more words

Sunday Funday: Chicken Coop

Yep. We are those crazy people who want chickens in the city. Our city allows up to four chickens, but we’re thinking three is a nice number. 256 more words

Chicken Coop

Raising Backyard Chickens -Italian Style!


What started out as a short video about raising backyard chickens really grew into an elaborate production from its inception 18 long months ago.  In the fall of 2012, I asked my cugino Davide (cousin Dave)  if he wanted to make a short video on raising backyard chickens. 205 more words

Backyard Chickens

WVC postpones decision on urban chicken ordinance

WEST VALLEY CITY — West Valley City Council is considering an ordinance to allow backyard chickens.

For the third time in five years the city council has considered the ordinance, which would define female chickens as household pets and allow four per residence. 55 more words


Benefits of a Chicken Tractor

Do you have a chicken coop?  Whether you have been keeping chickens for years or are just getting started, most people will  say yes.  (This is definitely the case in urban settings where municipal codes require predator-proof coops as part of their chicken ordinance.)   But if you ask them if they have a chicken tractor, you may get an odd look. 462 more words

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Urban Chickens Update (Huntsville, AL)

The Huntsville Hen Alliance is still working toward legalizing chickens in the city limits of Huntsville, AL.  Although there have been major setbacks, the issue is not yet officially dead since it was not voted upon. 130 more words