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First as Tragedy, Then as Farce

My last post on the IPCC report, can perhaps be followed by this video, where Zizek how cultural capitalism is “embracing” the climate changes and “doing” something about it by taking all consumer’s responsibilities with the product it sales. 23 more words

Climate Change

Developing the Domtar Lands

In commemoration of Earth Day, Windmill Development Group has revealed a proposal to develop the Domtar lands (the Ottawa River islands located adjacent to Lebreton Flats). 586 more words

Casinos and Urban Development

My op-ed in the Hamilton Spectator about casinos, gambling, gentrification, Bed-Stuy, and the joy of doing things slowly.

We were editorial assistants and bartenders. We were starting our own catering companies or folk bands or we were social media “brand managers” or selling stuff on Etsy to get by.

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Bed Stuy

London sebagai Titik Perjumpaan (1)

Kesempatan pemilu di luar negeri saya sempatkan untuk mengunjungi beberapa sudut kota London sambil bertemu teman sebangku saat SMA yang kebetulan sedang berkunjung ke kota ini, menonton pertandingan bola antara Chelsea vs Stoke City. 1,319 more words

Urban Development

Staten Island’s Horrible Home Developments

aka How to Pack in Too Many People in a Limited Geographic Area

Time to write this.

In the time I have spent outside my home area of Staten Island, New York, USA I have seen various types of homes. 2,537 more words

Random Thoughts

Chronicles of Ubo: Private Road, Newport Beach

There’s a road named “Private Road” in my home region of Ubo which, appropriately, I never noticed much or at all until I came back to live there for four months in the fall of 2012. 1,342 more words

Tales of Two Cities

I’ve spent the last few days in Nashville, Tennessee. My brother goes to college here and his graduation is a mere two weeks away. Since he moved in four years ago I’ve been here three times. 470 more words