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I am a big fan of urban exploration. For those of you, who are not familiar with the term, it basically means exploring abandoned places. I have written about this subject a lot on my Finnish blog, and like with all the other subjects I have not have had the time to write about in English yet, I will write more about UE later as well. 109 more words


Time Doesn't Stop

Rust never sleeps. Either does nature.

I like my own form of urbex. Urban exploration. It’s gotten very popular around the world. Explorers clump around in hiking books and take pictures of whatever they’ve found. 179 more words

Ray Laskowitz

Urbex: Urban Exploration

I haven’t posted on here in a while so here is a shot from a recent trip to an abandoned factory in Toronto. This place was littered with graffiti from other visitors. 8 more words

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Energy taxation

An old tax form, used for billing the use of 3 phase current.


The Old Cottage Chair

While walking the West Highland Way last week, I managed to find some urbex action. Even with sore legs, I resisted the urge to sit on this old chair.

Urban Exploration

355.  104.


About to skip town.

For good.

It’s raining after a morning of solid sunshine, so I think the man upstairs is telling me to hurry up (he’d be right, i’m just more than slightly¬†late for the plane at this point). 424 more words

The Abandoned Hotel - Epilogue

I returned to the abandoned Hotel in an attempt to photograph details. If the Hotel is going to be rebuilt (at least that is what they say), all those small details are going to be lost and I don’t want that to happen. 274 more words